Stand Up On Your Own Feet Even Though You Are Old!

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“You know you are getting old, when everything hurts and anything that does not hurt, does not work.” – Anonymous

Everyone has to grow old someday, no one is an exclusion. There are physical changes going on every second in our body. It’s just that some changes are visible and some changes are not. When a person becomes really old, his physical changes add up and may take form of diseases and pain. Younger people have a stronger defense mechanism of the body that can fight with the disease causing agents but as the person grows older, his body and all the organs starts ageing with him making him weaker.

The pain in bones and joints of the body is one of the major problems that people of old age have to face which may be caused by many diseases but the major cause of such pain and problems in the joints is said to be osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. This disease can sometimes be so severe that people lose their ability to move around and get limited into their beds.Various studies have shown that millions of adults above 50 suffer from this disease.As a result of advancement in science, hyaluronic acid injections have given a new ray of hope to the patients. This has been proved one of the best treatments till now, as it worked for the patients who showed no positive results towards other medicines.

We can get hyaluronic acid injections of different companies with different names but same composition. Ostenil Injections is one of such different brands of hyaluronic injections that contain the same sodium hyaluronate as the major component. It is injected in the space of the joints containing synovial fluid. It restores a balance in the metabolism of sodium hyaluronate in human body.

So why is hyaluronic acid so important to people with joint pain? Because, our body also produces its own hyaluronic acid to lubricate the spaces between the joints and to ensure that they work properly. But as ageing starts, the human body becomes unable to produce more hyaluronic acid which results in the friction in the joints and the pain in the joints are occur. So hyaluronic acid injection are given to the patients of osteoarthiritis to replace some of the natural supply that the body cannot fulfill because of ageing. The component in the injection is well tested and does not contain any animal protein as they are produced by the process of fermentation.

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