How Can Delhi Girls Go Shopping For Their Wedding?

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To live in Delhi is one of the best things if you are someone who loves fashion dearly. Delhi is absolutely amazing for every fashion lover. It has got all kinds of markets, malls, outlets and boutiques. This city has got just the right amount of local fashion and at the same time, the right amount of international brands we all love and trust. What Delhi is even more popular for, is perhaps the market that this city has for anyone looking for ethnic outfits. 

This city has got everything, from traditional markets which you will love to visit, to the new and uber designer boutiques all the fashion lovers can’t stop gushing about. When it comes to budgets too, Delhi is probably one of the best places you will find yourself in. It has got all kinds of markets. From budget places in the city to high end designer markets you will find everything in Delhi. The best part about this city is that it can give you a lot of avenues to buy what you like without too much effort. There are even different markets all around the city which have all got their own audience. So whatever your need, all you need to do before you go shopping is what kind of clothes you want and what is your budget. Maybe some idea about designs and trends will also help your purpose.

Now if you are a Delhi girl who is looking to do some wedding specific shopping, you couldn’t be living in a better city. Delhi is known all around to be the best place for wedding shopping all around. No matter what your need is, rest assured you will find it in some little corner of the city. A very interesting thing about Delhi is that all the markets cater to different sets of people, different tastes and different budgets as well. 

If you have decided a couple of things, it makes the shopping quite easy. First of all think about the kind of outfit you want, you can simply go for a big designer label. Another great option for fashion lovers is to go for the up and coming designers. If you want to save few bucks, budget shopping is for you, not designer labels. You need to know how much you want to spend, and then decide the market accordingly. All the Delhi girls wondering how to go shopping for their wedding read up on these markets briefly:

- Shahpur Jat for designer and customised wedding trousseau 
- Chandni Chowk for budget shopping, Bollywood replicas and some of the biggest retailers in the business
- Defence Colony Market for designer boutiques 
- HauzKhas Market for some of the most unique and classy, and even high end designers
- Lajpat Nagar for some really good retailers and great stores  for ethnic wear
- Karol Bagh for some good retailers and boutiques
- Punjabi Bagh for some good local retailers and designers