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Proven Ways to Learn and Grow from Negative Customer Feedback

If you are about to launch a new business entity, make sure that you will be getting negative customer feedbacks along with the positive ones. A negative feedback from your customer’s end can be a very hard pill to swallow. It often leads employees and businesses to unjust, unhelpful and inaccurate position. In such scenarios, most of the business leaders become defensive and emotional in the face of criticism. 

Let’s face this: no one likes to get a negative feedback or comment from a customer side. In fact, it is the part of your business as some customer likes your products and others not. Unlike getting boiled up with the anger and exiting the environment you’re in, try to figure out the solution in which you can use all those negative comments to shape your future growth.

One of the famous quotes said by Bill Gates also implies that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

In this light, negative feedback isn’t always what you want to hear from your audience, but sometimes it is what actually required to progress in the industry. It gives you the opportunity to revise your product and improve your customer services so that you will have a huge number of satisfied customers.

In this guest blog post, you can find some proven ways to handle negative customer feedback, and turn things around so that your business can learn and grow significantly.
  • Negative feedback can be turned to positive: It is totally agreeable situation that negative feedback isn’t always easy to deal with. But, you have to keep calm and tackle all such kind of issues with a positive attitude. When you receive a complaint against your product or simply a negative comment, the key is to assess the problem, respond quickly in a pleased and respectful manner, and then do whatever you can to rectify that issue. There might be the case when you customers are not right. In this scenario, you can explain them that their feedback isn’t justified. If you respond with this positive approach, you are likely to keep those customers and continue to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with them.
  • Revamp your products, services and marketing: It is a true statement that one bit of complaint or negative feedback does not always advisees that you need to change your business. However, you should figure out a pattern, for ex- 10 customers all have the same complaint, herein you can be sure that many more people feel the same way. This might be the case that they are facing problems with some particular products. By figuring out that pattern, you can improve that product or service. Revamping business in intact or large range of product and service can be costly and not always make a business sense. So, attempting smaller changes to marketing and specific product or service can often make a big difference in matching customer requirements and improving their satisfaction level.
  • Track improvement: It is important to identify whether the changes that are made to your training, products and marketing are affecting your feedback or not. In this data-driven world, customer feedbacks are really very important to improve your business growth. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a customer score collecting tool or public reviews, let changes in feedback over time and keep track of these changes as you make any decision. With each change made, calculate or draft a rough return on investment to examine if it was worth the effort and whether these similar changes in future make a perfect business sense.
  • Retain unsatisfied customers: New customer acquisition can cost your business more than retaining a customer. The good news is that a great number of unsatisfied customers will return back when their complaints or issues got resolved quickly. In most of the best b2b telemarketing companies, marketers tend to under-invest in retaining unsatisfied clients as it will prevent them from huge loss.

If any negative feedback has been left on a social media or public review website, it is important to immediately address that issue and contact that customer in-person to offer a solution. This will help you to save your brand image in the market. Most of the outsourced companies offering inbound/ outbound, order taking and excellent data verification services help you in delivering utmost customer satisfaction. You can choose a reliable source to make your customer journey enthralling.