Certain Amazing Facts about Sundarban Travel

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The beauty of Sundarban attracts tourists from all over India and overseas. It is a beautiful and must see for all the nature lovers. It is preferred by people of all ages. It is located in West Bengal. It is listed as a world heritage site. It has got extremely rich diversity of aquatic, flora and fauna. It is also the shelter for Royal Bengal Tiger.
Below mentioned are some of the amazing facts about Sundarban travel:
1). It is the largest mangrove in the world. It is shared between India and Bangladesh. Its forty percent falls in India and sixty percent falls in Bangladesh.
2). The part which falls in India is 4000 square meter. It has got 102 islands. Out of these 102 islands 54 are inhabited and rest 48 are forested.
3). The main mode of transport from one island to another is the waterways. The highest fare over here for two hours boat ride is only six rupees.
4). Like most of the other reserve forests, in Sundarban wildlife safari is also done by ferries.
5). Sundarbans are named after a mangrove tree called Sundari. Just after that dense reserve forest starts.
6). In Sundarban Gosaba is the biggest inhabited island. Even though this island is so isolated it has got its own local self governance, schools, hospitals and panchayats.
7). This is the unique tidal phenomenon in Sundarban, it experiences low tides and high tides twice a day. During the low tides you could easily see masses of mud lands lying flat and during high tides water level rises up to 6-10 feet. High tides make it possible to explore the internal creek because with more water in the channel you could go deeper into the forest. Due to this reason safari are conducted usually during the low tide when the water level reduces. In this case there are more chances of seeing the wildlife.
8). Cyclone-2007, with the wind speed of 220-250kmph had much impact on the agricultural pattern of Sundarban. Due to high time, salty water mixed with the common soil and thus made it impossible for the people over there to do the cultivation for around 2-3 years.
9). Except the residents of Gosaba, no other inhabited island has cars. There are more number of cycles over there. The water ways transportation is used to transport almost everything from one island to another. They even transport bikes and cycles through that.
10). As it is the chain of island it is not easily accessible. Sundarban is comparatively denser than the other parts. The population density over here is three times as much as the density of India.
11). There is a village called ‘Widow Village’, it is named so as it has been attacked by man eater tigers. The tigers used to attack from behind. So as to confuse the tiger the fisherman used to wear face masks at the back.
12). The main occupation of the people over there is fishing, agriculture and honey collection. The tiger attack mostly happens when they are fishing in deep and dense creeks.
13). Foreign tourist cannot stay there more than five days. If he is planning for his stay he will have to take special permission from forest range officer.
14). On a new moon night, if you are in a night safari you could see phytoplankton’s in water. It is a micro organism which reflects light in the dark.
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