Getting Along in The New Household After Marriage

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It is said that marriage is not an achievement but getting along after it with everyone is the real achievement. And it is literally true and applicable in the present scenario. They say that the second name of marriage is compatibility and adjustment. If you're happy and get along with everyone with relative ease,then that’s literally an achievement for you and him in the new household after marriage.

Here are some suggestions for you if you are a newlywed Punjabi Khatri bride and want to be the star in your new household. Just sit back and read along!

Don’t judge the book by its cover: Entering the new house and life phase with many thoughts and pre-judgments? Don’t tune into the observation mode. Keep yourself real, don’t hesitate much and think twice before doing anything. Eventually, you will get along with everyone and everything, but don’t ruin your first impression in haste.

Remember that you have a partner by your side, always: Your partner is a human and just the perfect male you have ever wanted as your life partner. Always remember that you need to adjust your way to get through it and we respect everyone requirements. Thinking of a molding anyone to work in your way is a very wrong premonition. Don’t force attempt and try to make everyone like you. Compatibility is a growing tree;it never grows at once. When you see or observe examples around you always remember that people work their way out of certain situations and conditions and then they have reached that level or phase of life.

You haven’t married a man, but the whole clan: Even if you are not residing in the new house world with the joint family it doesn't mean that your life partner is completely yours only. Your partner descends from a family whom they are responsible and accountable to and you can't enjoy with them alone. Many people enter the new household with this notion and get upset with unnecessary thoughts. Always remember that they are the part of the clan, and it is you,who has joined them. Observe, explore and get along with other family members, get to know about their likes and dislikes and work your amiable way out to deal with situations that are unfavorable and always keep your opinions to yourself until asked for. Try to develop other relations as same as with your life partner because they are of high importance too.

Never talk unnecessarily about your in-laws to your husband: As the new addition, you have the right to judge others but the others also have the right to judge you because you are the seed of next generation in the house. You can’t get along with makingrifts and complaining about small and petty issues with your life partner.This will only result in unnecessary quarrel and fights between the families which nobody wants to have in a new household. Always remember that if you want to gain respect in eyes of the other first learn to respect them.

It is solely your effort, which shows you are good to go with families. So, always show positive efforts.