How to Decide If You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer

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On your way home from work, you were struck by another vehicle. You were just thankful at the time that everyone involved escaped with nothing more than minor injuries. You have a few scrapes and bruises but nothing that really requires immediate attention.

The next day, you begin to feel stiff and sore in your neck and back. By the third day, the minor discomfort has given way to pain. You have difficulty leaning over to pick anything up, even if it is as light as a shoe. You begin to worry that you might have been injured and didn’t realize it at the time of the accident. You make an appointment to go to the primary care physician your health insurance pays for.

After making your copay and meeting your deductible, you are out for more than $300. Your doctor has found a problem with your back but he wants to send you to a specialist to have your condition diagnosed. Your appointment isn’t until next week and you don’t feel like you can meet your responsibilities at your job. You have to take time off but you are limited to how long you can get paid. Also, you play an important role in the company. They may have to hire someone to replace you if you have to stay away too long.

Once it is time for your appointment with the specialist, you go through a number of diagnostics to determine the full extent of your condition. You receive a diagnosis and the recommendation for medication and therapy that you will need to do for a minimum of several weeks and, quite possibly, for months. At this point, the cost of medical treatment has already started to pile up and you are nearing the end of your income.

Getting the Treatment You Need
Nothing is more important than getting the treatment you need to heal from your injuries. If you had seen an auto accident lawyer immediately after the accident, you would have been advised on your rights as a victim of a personal injury and you would have known what actions to take and the evidence you needed documented. Of course, most people who do not recognize that they have a serious injury right away fail to see the reasoning behind pursuing a personal injury case. As you can see from this example, it is what you don’t know that can do the greatest harm.

How a Good Auto Accident Lawyer Can Get You More
An auto accident lawyer knows the challenges of proving any type of personal injury case and the efforts insurance companies make to try to pay less. The attorneys at Alva & Shuttleworth advise clients never to settle for the low offers insurance companies make when you are pursuing a settlement without qualified representation.

A good auto accident lawyer knows how much you are entitled to and they will negotiate to get you the best possible settlement. The sooner you have your case evaluated; the easier proving your personal injury case will be.