Getting Ready To Go To Almora

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Almora is a quiet cantonment town that is located in the Almora district. This place draws a lot of visitors during the peak travelling seasons and is one of the foremost tourist destinations of India.

There are small number of almora hotels, reservations in which are quite easy available if booked well ahead of time. If you are seriously considering travelling to this must-visit tourist destination, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind when getting ready to go to this place.

When is the best time to visit Almora?
There are officially two peak seasons when it comes to visiting Almora. The first one is from April and lasts till June. The monsoons will hit at the end of June and beginning of July and the mountains and hills will have a different beauty of their own which cannot be explained until seen with one’s own eyes. The summer months in Almora offer a much awaited respite from the otherwise intolerable Indian heat. So, a lot of tourists head out to this place during this period of the year. Apart from this September to November is another great time to visit this place. This is the time of many festivals like Dussehra and Nanda Devi festival as well, which makes it quite a busy season for this little place. The months of December and January remain really cold and hence they are best avoided.

What preparations to take when travelling to Almora?
The first and foremost point of importance that you must remember when travelling to Almora is that you have to book beforehand if you plan to visit the place during the tourist seasons. Though there are quite a few hotels and almora resorts, it will be extremely difficult to find a place at the last moment during the time of rush. Hence you must plan your trip well ahead. Apart from this, whenever you decide to travel to Almora, always carry winter clothes with you. Even during the summers, make sure you have at least a shawl to wrap yourself up with, since the evenings can get really chilly. Since your sightseeing plans, like any other hill station, will be predominated by walking, so opt for comfortable shoes rather than fashionable ones.

Which places to visit when in Almora?
Almora is full of delightful sightseeing locales. If you want to visit a beautiful little place, just 10kms away from the main area of Almora, you can go to Martola. If a beautiful scenery is what you crave for then you can opt for the Bright End Corner, which is a park that offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and snow covered peaks. ChitaiGoluDevta Temple is famous since it is believed to extremely auspicious. Kalimat is another place that you can head out from Almora to enjoy a lovely stay amongst the hills. Apart from this you can always roam about in the main areas of Almora, exploring this place for yourself on foot.

These are some basic information that will help you to get ready when you decide to travel to Almora! Happy travelling!

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