How to Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy!

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Whether you have spinal stenosis, strained muscles, herniated disc or general back pain, it can take a while to treat any kind of back pain. Keeping the spine healthy is quite simple but most of us ignore it on a day to day basis. Taking care of the spine is essential because it can cause damages to the entire back, neck and sometimes the brain too. 

Here are some simple activities to do in your day to keep your spine happy and healthy: -

1. Lift properly – By simply lifting too many heavy weights, you can damage your spine. When you lift things, make sure the weight is divided on both the shoulders and you are in an upright position. If you are leaning frontwards and standing when you lift things, it will put a large amount of pressure on your back. Make sure you bend your knees a little to balance out the pressure on both sides. If something is way too heavy, avoid picking it up and take help.

2. Stretch out a little – We know you are glued to your office seat all day but you need to get up and stretch out for a bit. Several back problems occur due to sitting in one place in the same position for a long time. Having a good range of motions on the spine reduces stress on it and also reduces any risks of injury. Stand up straight and walk around a little instead of sitting in one posture for a long time. The best way is to turn on either sides and flex your body.

3. Stay hydrated – The
best spine surgeons in India will tell you that staying hydrated is one of the most important things to maintain elasticity of soft tissues and fluids in the joints. This is absolutely true! Drinking water is not just good for your skin or stomach but it is great for the spine too. Loss of hydration can cause a shrink in the discs which will cause bulging of the disc or ruptures. This can cause a major problem later in life. So always drink 8 glasses of water, have good fresh fruit juices and stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Work smartly – Make sure you sit upright and have everything put right on position. Proper ergonomics will cut down the stress on your spine. Whether it is your phone, laptop, computer or even when you drive, everything should be at your height level and you shouldn’t have to bend too much or lean in any way to get comfortable.

5. Warning signs are essential– Yes, do not ignore any kind of signs. If you have a severe back pain, you know it is time to get it checked by a
spine specialist in India. Do not overdo work or gym if you have been facing small back pains. They can aggravate quickly causing a major health problem which will be tough to take care of later.

So listen to your body and use these tips to keep your spine health and hearty.

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