Three steps of washing dry-clean only clothes

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Clothing and accessories are listed among the few mandatory lifestyle essentials, which one can’t deny to possess. Irrespective of being a working professional or a household person, everyone needs suitable apparels according to the season and their personal needs. A wide range of natural and synthetic fabric material is used to prepare these costumes. Moreover, fancy outfits are further embellished with jewels, pearls, laces and delicate ribbons. The diversity and delicacy of the materials make washing extremely challenging. I can bet everyone has a garment with a label of dry-clean-only. Generally, people don’t consider doing this at home and prefer to visit professional laundry services. This seems sensible if it’s an extremely fancy gown of a net or a sophisticated fabric. Sending every other cloth to professionals is a waste of money. What about leather jackets, sweaters, knitted garments and hosiery? Obviously, you never want to get it done by professionals every time. 

You might want to wash all kinds of dresses on your own without destroying the colours, material and embellishments sewed or pasted, then continue reading following steps to understand the basics of washing clothes with the dry-clean-only label.

Read the label carefully

Most of the manufacturers sewed a label inside of their garments to guide buyers about washing and caring them efficiently to maintain the material in its original form. It’s your responsibility to check this label before putting the dress in the machine. Usually, garments made from silk, leather, velvet, fur and suede must not rinse with other clothes using conventional methods.  It’s better if you avoid dealing them at home.

Hand wash delicate fabrics

Perhaps the fabric is not fragile itself, its presence of more than one colours, which makes this task challenging. Still, you want to do it on your own. Before soaking it in soapy water, do a spot test to see whether the colours are fast or they transfer on wet cotton bud as soon as you touch it. I will not suggest you soak this kind of dress at home. In contrast to that, you can carefully do these dresses with fast colours on your own. All you need to do is to follow following instructions to do it on your own.

  • Avoid hot water, always hand wash in cold water.
  • Do not spin and lay on a flat surface under shade instead of hanging on a rope.
  • Also, don’t use strong detergent and bleach.
  • Moreover, don’t soak it for hours. Rather, submerged completely once, lift it again, repeat this twice and thrice and end up soaking with cold water.
  • Rub dusty and stained areas gently.
Sensibly select the machine cycle

Nowadays, automatic machines have become so common. They are programmed to rinse a different kind of outfits with variable spinning speed and time. If you are planning to machine wash a cloth with special instructions, then select the gentle cycle to avoid destroying its texture, colour and shape.  Spinning is not suggested. Let them air dry, lie flat under shade. Like hand washing, use of hot water and surf is strictly prohibited. It's better if you put them in the laundry net, you usually use for hosiery items. 

Whether you are rinsing clothes with special instructions, or casual dresses you use regularly, keeping alike fabrics together will not only save your time, but also prolong the life of the fabric.