Facts About a Powerful Anabolic Steroid

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Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that is available in both injectable and oral preparations. This drug helps in protein buildup and enhances protein synthesis in the body. There is actually no difference between Anabol and Dianabol, they are the same steroids but people often get confused.
Chemical structure and Benefits of Dianabol
Dianabol is similar to the male hormone testosterone. It is an oral androgenic steroid compound. It is a 17 (aa) alpha-alkylated steroid with an extra double carbon bond. Therefore, its profile is not entirely similar to testosterone. The Chemical name of this compound is Methandienone.
Dianabol enhances the calcium deposit in the bones and makes them stronger. The drug increases muscle mass and imparts strength to the body. This has made it popular among athletes and bodybuilders. 

Anabol reduces the production of endogenous cortisone by about fifty to seventy percent. As a result, the rate of protein breakdown in the muscles is significantly reduced. This is one of the reasons for its positive effect on athletes and its consequent popularity. This is an androgenic drug and imparts masculine features to women.
Anabol was the first synthetic hormone that was produced by the Americans in the 1960s. One other thing that needs to be remembered by people is that there is no difference between Anabol and Dianabol or any other name such as Ganbol. These are different names of the same steroid.
Weight lifters, bodybuilders and power lifters require a significant muscle mass without getting fat. They can consume anything between two to twenty tablets every day. This adds up to about 15-40mg each day.
Consuming 15 to 20mg of Anabol every day for duration of eight to ten weeks also produces good results for people who are trying out anabolic steroids for the first time. Anabol can also be used in combination with other steroids such as Deca, although this is recommended only for advanced users.
Side effects
Anabol is amortizing, which means that it converts to estrogen. This causes increased estrogen level in the body which can lead to some complications such as headache, bloating and formation of breasts in men called gynecomastia. Due to its tendency to retain water which interferes with the body’s ability to burn fat, Anabol is not recommended for athletes competing in an event. This drawback of the drug can be controlled by stacking it with Proviron or Nolvadex.
Anabol is also toxic to major organs such as liver. This drug also raises the blood pressure besides damaging liver. That is why prolonged use of the drug is not advised by experts. People suffering with the problem of high blood pressure and other health problems must never try out this steroid. In order to protect the liver, a multitude of liver support supplements can be used such as milk thistle. There are also many steroid cycle support supplements available such as the N2Guard which contain natural ingredients and plant extracts to provide protection to the body from the harmful effects of the steroid.