How to bridge the Digital Skill-Gap

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Reporting for the HRZone, at the HR Directors Business Summit, Jasmine Gartner, caught up with Mark O’Donoghue who had a word (rather plenty) to enlighten the professionals about the Digital smog that is enveloping all most every businessecosystem

For Mark O’Donoghue, Global MD at AVADO. The most crucial tech-evolutionof our epoch is being led by Digital Marketing.

Manifesting in almost all the business verticals, the workforce is now being asked to gain the Digital Marketing Skills which are relevant to the business.

Spreading like a fire in the jungle, even though it was mankind that gave rise to the machines, but the tech, running as a bloodstream is now the new sheriff in town. 

The whirlwind of Digital Marketing

O’Donoghue, in support of his arguments, outlined that for the first time a computer won at AlphaGo, a game in which the intuitive ability of the players is put to test, choosing from a huge array of board configurations. New developments in the digital Marketing field, mark the advent of Amazon’s Alexa, which is bound to take the data-storage costs down a notch.  

Changes wrought by innovation, demand that the employees be equipped with suited Digital Marketing Skill-sets, however, this still doesn’t change a thing for many companies who believe otherwise. 

Considering the ongoing trends, it would be wise to state that soon we will see a rise in the tide of Global Marketing Careers. The more the organizations of today, delay the need to train their workers digitally, the further the gap between skills would continue to broaden. This abyss, according to O’Donoghue will result in a loss of $63 Billion Dollars. 

Digital Marketing Certifications, need of the hour. 

There would never be a perfect time to launch your action plan. So, whatever the strategy, it needs to see the daylight as soon as possible. In the worst case scenario, the results of your tests would bear few negative numbers, the difference being that they would be YOUR numbers. Hence, only you would have the slightest idea to better it, in the next instance, such digital-marketing skills would give you an edge over those who want to play it safe. 

Digitalisation Credentials, marking a shift from the normal.

The greatest ideas are also often the simplest. So holds true for enterprises as well.HiPPO – the highest paid person’s opinion, is the underlying principle that guides the action plan of many established companies. Hence, the management may decide to impart Digital Marketing Skills to its workforce & otherwise, depending on its volition. But it is even, impossible for the top-brass to not notice that the Marketing & Sales Certifications are on the rise. Hence, the wave of digitization is bound to make its mark in this sphere as well.

The importance of learning cannot be neglected anywhere. Perhaps admitting that for so long, such important issues have been de-prioritized, would be a good note to start on. It is on that backdrop, that the management could build the, Digitally armed companies of the future.