How to arrange a kitty party?

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Kitty parties are very exciting for women. They look forward to spending some quality time with their girl pals and have fun. It is great to meet your friends and neighbours giving all the women a much-needed break from the routine life. Since women spend all their day in taking care of the family, Kitty party becomes a way for them to refresh and rejuvenate.

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If you are looking for some exciting tips to organize a kitty party, here are few tips for you:

-          Decide for a venue

The days when kitty parties were organized by ladies at their respective homes have gone. With the passage of time, the kitty parties have been improvised. These days it is very common to arrange a kitty party at cafes, Hotels or nearby resorts. You should decide the venue well in advance to secure a place for the much-awaited party. The venue must be decided in a way that can be easily accessed by all the members of the party.

-          Selecting a Theme

Theme based parties are in, and kitty parties are no exception to that. Women love to dress and hence the theme adds charm to the party. Some of the most popular themes for kitty party are Retro, Mughal, Hawaiian, ethnic or colour based theme such as black and white, pink or red. However, the theme must be decided in advance and communicated all the members to make it a grand success.

-          Food arrangements

If the kitty party has been organized at the hotel, you can pre-decide and book the menu. For a house party, you can arrange for snacks or a five-course meal depending on the time of the day when the party is organized. For a house party, a potluck is also a great idea wherein each member can bring a recipe from their home. While choosing the menu, the choice of the guests must be taken into account as there may be some members who may not love to go for some food items and hence a range of food items must be there.

-          Entertainment quotient

It is essential to have fun at any get together after all you can’t just keep gossiping all the time! You can play fun games like Antakshri, Dumb charades, cards or any innovative game of your choice. It is better to decide the games in advance as it can help one to arrange the party schedule accordingly.

-          Knowledge sharing

You can add an exciting touch to your kitty party by sharing a book or movie review wherein each member will share a review with others for knowledge sharing.

-          Arrange for a cake

Though it seems a very different idea, you can definitely make cakes a part of your get together. You can either bake a delicious cake on your own or get onlinecake delivery in Sri Ganganagar