Differences between Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment

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Hair plays a vital role when it comes to one's appearance. People have a variety of hair types, some have black hair, some have blonde hair, some have rough hair and some have silky hair; everyone wants to look perfect and have the best possible hair.

People do use various methods to improve the quality of their hair; some use home remedies, some take expert advice and avail of treatments such as Keratin treatment or Hair Botox treatment, etc. Depending upon the quality of an individual's hair, varied treatments are used as per their requirements.
Some differences between keratin and botox treatment are:

The primary motive behind keratin and botox treatment is to improve the quality of hair and make them healthy, but there is variation between their application, making procedure, and ingredients.

  1. Type of process:
Keratin is an essential protein, helpful in the formation of hairs, and thus, it is a chemical process, whereas, Hair Botox treatment is a conditioning process, it conditions hairs deeply.

  1. Working:
Both work in the same manner; they make all the hair healthy, smooth and soft, as they provide them with nutrients, amino acids, proteins, etc. Both straighten the hairs, both have almost the same functions, but the only difference here is keratin treatment is done chemically, whereas Botox treatment does not involve any chemicals.

  1. Effects:
In case of keratin treatment more patience is required as compared to Botox treatment. Keratin treatment takes some days to show results, while in case of Botox treatment, everything sets within one day, and then you are free to try new styles on your hairs.

  1. Time:
There is no such difference between the times for which their effects last. Both last almost for 60 to 120 days.

  1. Hair and treatment:
The kind of treatment to be given depends on the type and quality of hairs. Just for straightening purpose, Keratin treatment is the best, but in case of unhealthy hairs, Botox treatment works more effectively, as compared to Keratin treatment.

  1. Can be applied at home?
Botox treatment can be done at home; there is no risk in availing this treatment on your own if you cannot afford the salon's fees, but in case of Keratin treatment Maryland one needs professional help. Precautions are to be taken before its application.

  1. Is Hair damage possible?
In case of Keratin treatment there are chances of some side effects to the hairs, but in case of Botox treatment, no side effects take place.

Pollution has tremendously increased in the last few years and our hair comes in contact with the polluted environment daily. As a result, there is no chance for them to stay in the same healthy condition. Everyone is facing hair fall problems these days; hair is becoming rough, and unhealthy. But there are many solutions to cope with such issues, including Hair Botox treatment, keratin treatment and many others.