The Place With Beauty Plus Food

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With over 50 brands, DLF cyber hub is one of the best places for lip-smacking dishes and food. It is catering to a diverse section of the population, and with entertainment and enjoyment, they always nail it. From some of the renowned restaurants to delicious dessert joints, you can find everything at Cyber Hub. Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Cyber Hub that you may find interesting and shall never miss it the next time you’re in Gurgaon. 

Indigo Deli

This place is quite exquisite. Apart from being Classy, fine and tasteful, it is also a hub of food and enjoyment. The flavors of the dishes come to reality with some unique prepared ingredients and assortments. Indigo Deli raises the standards of dining. The place is exotic as being so calm and the decor is pleasant. The best dishes to have here are Indigo Deli Reuben, Lemon Butter Calamari. This place is perfect for Dinner Date, Breakfast. It is located near USF/B/2C, Building 10B, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Olive Bistro

This beautiful place is one of the best restaurants in Cyber hub. You can find some cane furniture in the outdoor bar, it has windows that are quite inspired by the french windows. The decor is so blooming with the flowers and is eye-catching. The Mediterranean-themed ambiance is flawless. The menu mainly consists of European flavors with some comfort food and most of the ingredients are organic and fresh. The overall relaxed atmosphere is a great way to celebrate and enjoy while making some experiences truly a memorable one. You can have the dishes like Bird. Bacon. Bush. (Salad), Cheesy Pep Talk, Ravioli Concerto, Mamma Mia. It is perfect for date Night, Sunday brunch.It is located near Shop 101, 1st Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, and Gurgaon.

Dhaba Est.1986

While craving for foods that are too desi is common. The dhabas food is quite famous. So, you see the food is being prepared to slow simmering fire with various spices and herbs. This restaurant offers the desi flavor in some firangi style. They have placed a truck inside the restaurant that has a very quirky and fun appeal to it. You are going to miss your mind, and Punjab is going to be on everyone's mind. It has many traditional dishes plus some cocktails which will make up your day. The peppy songs with some Bollywood music are cherry on the cake. You can have Balti Meat, Virgin Paan Mojito. It is best for a family outing. It is located near the 1st floor, Cyber hub, DLF.

Panchavti Gaurav

With some Gujarati twist in Gurgaon. This place is quite exotic and is counted among one of the best restaurants in Cyber-hub. Gaurav is here to give you a mini Gujarati and Rajasthani culinary experience. The décor is acing and the environment is quite pleasant. The best dishes are always served first.  And you will love the feeling of western part of India. They also specialize in serving everything in the form of unlimited thalis. The thalis served are quite interesting and the favorite dishes are Thali, Dhokla, and Buttermilk. It is best for Family Outings. Do visit this place.

Mr. Mamagoto

It is one of the best and the most recently opened restaurant. The meaning of this word is to play with food and is quite exquisite. The decor is quite blooming and exotic, and they’ve truly taken the meaning of the word Mamagoto (to play with food) to a different level. The dishes are prepared in a very modern and familiar yet the flavor is youthful and enjoying. The vibrant ambiance and the calm environment both add up to make a great experience. The best dishes to have here is Dumplings, Ramen, Sushi, Crispy Lotus Stem.