The True And Actual Cost Of Not Staging Your House Or Property In NSW

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Giving yourself the best shot at selling is now what you can somewhat do only by staging a property. It is currently more than ever, the best solution you have to achieve a balance between a great agent and the right price. Whether you are a developer, investor, or homeowner, it’s extremely critical that your property is presented to the market at its highest sale potential so you can maximize your sale profit and minimize the time you spend waiting for a buyer.

Proven strategy
Home staging is a marketing strategy that’s verified to sell any property 30% to 60% faster as well as for 6% to 18% more money. But several home sellers go for the expensive choice of not spending on home staging services because they feel they cannot afford it. One question for anybody to think about when putting his house out on the market, or if he has had the house already on the market for a for a very long time is, what it’s actually costing you to not hire professional staging services.

The actual cost of not staging
With the meltdown of the property market, it’s become some kind of an emotional rollercoaster for all individuals that are involved. Selling periods are truly long and an abundance of stock is still waiting to be sold, the outcome, sellers are going through massive price decreases. This can be avoided with the right home staging in Sydney. Price decreases range anywhere within the hundreds and thousands and this quickly adds up if you have a few houses to sell.

Holding costs too
 In addition to going through devastating price decreases, some sellers are also enduring costly holding costs. If your property features high mortgage repayments which you are unable to keep affording or you’ve just bought your dream home and have to pay two mortgages simultaneously, then it’s quite critical that you get your house sold quickly.

An example
The example is about the sale of two similar houses. Both featured four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the same size of land. The same agent had them on the market at the same time. The outcomes for both of these properties speak for themselves.
·         Styled Property: - Was sold for $547,000 in just 2 days
·         Vacant Property: - Was sold for $518,000 only after 10 weeks
·         Result: - The styled property was sold for a whopping $29,000 more and in only two days, and it did not incur the extra 10 weeks holding costs as the vacant property did.

If there is any strategy or technique you can use to save you money by avoiding holding costs and price decreases, but yet boosting your profits, not using such a strategy will certainly be crazy. It’s understood that the cost of selling any property could be high but, as you can see, the actual benefits of staging property, which is always not more than the initial price decrease, outweighs the cost by far. Staging prepares your property for the fastest sale and the highest possible ROI by highlighting its best features for potential buyers to see.