Reasons why you should attend your graduation ceremony

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There are many reasons why you need to attend your University of Tasmania graduation. After so many years of training, some people think that the only thing that matters is the certificate and not the ceremony. Here we think the certificate is as important as the graduation and you need to attend it. Here are some reasons why we think the ceremony is very important.

Recognising your hard work
After working really hard to complete your university course, skipping other important things just to attend your classes, you deserve to celebrate your hard work and appreciate your efforts.
It is fun
Graduation is not something that you experience pain or you get bored. It is actually fun. You meet with your family and friends, you take photos, you walk around the University and enjoy good food. It is something that will make you happy.
Last moments with your classmates
Imagine wearing that beautiful UTAS graduation gown hire and sitting next to your classmates. This is a very rare thing in life. It might be the last time you spend with your classmates because when you get out of the University people will go to work in different places. You never get the time to meet your classmates because when you are free, they are busy. Graduation is the best time to meet with your classmates and take those memorable photos.
It is a good opportunity to make friends
Now that you have graduated, you will need some new friends to help you out there to get a good job. During graduation, you can make friends with powerful connections in your industry to help you get a job out there.
Your parents expect you to graduate
Your parents won’t believe you finished school unless you invite them to the Universityof Tasmania graduation. This will relieve them and make them proud of you.