Visit the jungles of India

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If one wants to explore the wildness then India has some brilliant options. Here are some sanctuaries that one can think of exploring.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan
 This place is also known as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park and this sanctuary is located in the state of Rajasthan. It is the most spectacular bird sanctuary in India where the finest bird species of the entire world gather together. The best time to visit this place is definitely in winter. The most uncommon birds and some endangered species of birds fly down here from all the corners of the world during this time. For the bird lovers and watchers, this is the most exotic place to spend a vacation and have a unique experience.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
This is located in the Satpura mountain range in the state of Maharashtra. This sanctuary is divided into two parts; the old Nagzira and the new Nagzira region. Plenty of wild lives are found here like tiger, leopard, sambar, langur and wild boars. One can book a safari ride and have a close look to the animals through the dense jungle.

Jim Corbett National Park
Located in the state of Uttarakhand, this is one of the exotic wild life sanctuaries in the entire world. It is also said to be the oldest national park of India. This was found in the year 1936 and is named after the popular hunter and story teller Jim Corbett who saved the lives of local people of Rudraprayag by killing a man eater. This sanctuary mainly reserves the tigers from Bengal. The dense forest is in the foothills of the Himalayas which is an ecstatic view for explorers.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in the state of Maharashtra, this wild life sanctuary is so picturesque that one can get to see the beauty of Western Ghats on one hand and the beautiful Shivsagar Lake on the other hand. This place covers an area of 420 square kilometres and one can get to see a lot of wild animals here like tigers, sloth bears, giant squirrels, cobras, pythons and brown capped woodpeckers. This place is situated almost 180 kilometres away from Pune and the best time to visit this place is in between winter and summer. One can go for safaris inside the forest and this place can be quite an adventure.

Karera Wild Life Sanctuary
Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, it is a sanctuary which is wide and covers an area of 202 square kilometres. This is a place which is considered to be a paradise for those who love to watch birds. Many rare varieties of Indian birds are found here and some which are at the verge of extinction. Popular species noticed here are Bearded Bustard and Coloured Bustard. In total one can get to see almost 245 variants of species of birds in this region. Teals’ Indian Robins, Gadwalls and Pintails can be seen here as well.

One can book train tickets to reach these places and delivery of food in trains is an easy option these days.