Things That You Should Never Do In A Restaurant

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Dining out in La Jolla restaurants is meant to be a pleasant and fun experience. We enter the restaurant, sit down and make our order. We then pay after eating and leave. This is just a straightforward experience but there are some outspoken rules that we must follow. Some of the behaviors discussed in this blog post are unpleasant and should never be done in a restaurant.

We know that the waiter is there to serve clients but when you enter the restaurant, don’t treat the waiter as if they are your servants. Stop whistling at them because this can be also irritating to other customers. Just wait for the waiter to look in your direction and wave.

Sitting down before the waiters clear the table
The table might be available but you might not get served quicker in La Jolla bars & restaurants if the table has not been cleared yet. You will just make the job more difficult for the waiter to clear the table. They will clear it with the fear of spilling drinks on you. You will also have a disgusting experience to look at dirty dishes. Just wait for the table to be cleared before you sit.

Changing your baby on the table
It is very true that some people do this. It is good to remember that a restaurant is a place of dining and some people cannot stand to see the dirt and the smell when eating. If you must change your baby, kindly use the washrooms. It is what they were meant for.

Bringing your dog
We know you love your pets but don’t bring them to La Jolla restaurants because the places were not meant for dogs. No one will bar you from coming with your dog but it is just discipline to leave your dog behind or sit outside.