What It Takes To Design A Custom-Made Ring

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You can design your own ring if you don’t want to buy a premade ring. There are many reasons that can compel people to design their own rings. You can get your dream ring by designing it yourself.

How it works
Many jewellers nowadays offer custom-designed rings. Before having one made for you, you need to give the jeweller an idea of your ideal ring. You can base your idea on drawings, photos and descriptions. The ring maker will then offer a custom design wax model for your ring. Your jeweller can also create a computer model. You will then make your own changes before the real ring is made. The ring will be made using your preferred materials.

The good thing about designing your ring
The main reason why people design their own ring is to have unique rings and the exact ring they want. The ring can be tailored to fit perfectly. Make sure you choose the right gemstone to have a well-balanced ring on your finger. You should also get the right colour combination to complement your clothing and other jewellery. Before the actual ring is cast, you can get multiple alterations made to the design.

The bad part
Making your custom design ring is not that easy. It comes with a price. Designing your own ring is more expensive than buying an already made ring. It may sound great that you can make changes when you design your own ring but most jewellers will charge you for every change you make. The more changes you make, the more money you pay. Another downside is that if you are not sure of how the final ring will look like, you can end up rejecting it and if you reject it you won’t get your money back because custom design ring orders are non-refundable.