All You Need To Know About Child Support During Separation

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Involvement of a child makes the process of separation and divorce all the more difficult and stressful. The quotients of emotional hassle are a lot higher and it is not just for the man and the woman involved in the process. The psyche of the child also gets considerably affected. Having said that, at the time of an ongoing separation and divorce case there are more critical concerns that are at stake. One of them is the question of child support amount.

Every parent has an obligation of bringing up their children and providing support to their children during the phase of their growing up. Generally, the custodian parent is understood to have carried out all the responsibilities and duties of bringing up the child. Hence the aspect of child support is applicable to the non custodian parent.

In most cases, it has been seen that the mothers get the custody of their children and the father as the noncustodian parent is obliged to pay child support. However, this is a critical aspect and if you wish to pay the right amount and yet not get financially taxed you must hire a good expert such as a child support attorney Weston.

When To Pay Child Support – As most of the good child support attorney Weston will inform you that child support is paid by the non custodian parent till the child is a major. Till the child becomes independent financially, the noncustodian parent is to keep paying the child support amount. If the child gets adopted by some other person in the future then again the non custodian parent need not pay the child support any longer.

What Determines The Child Support Amount – The amount of child support that is to be paid by the non custodian parent is often decided by the court? This is done after analyzing a number of aspects like the living conditions of the child before the divorce, the income of the father and whether the child has any special needs or not. These regulations can vary slightly from state to state.

How To Reduce The Amount – In case the child support paying parent experiences a loss of a job or a reduces in their pay then he or she needs to submit an application in the court. The child support can be revised and reduced by the court alone.

What happens in Case Of Non Payment – If the non custodian parent does not pay the child support amount for more than a stipulated time period then the court and the custodian parent can take legal actions against the non custodian parent.

It is not mandatory that the child support needs to be paid by the father alone. The rules are also applicable to the mothers if they are the non custodian parents. However, in most of the cases, it has been seen that it is always the mother who gets the custody of their children and hence the father pays the child support in a majority of cases.