Sisal Rugs And Their Characteristics And Features

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Sisal rugs are made of sisal fibres that are obtained from agave, which is a succulent plant. The fibre that is obtained from this plant it is commonly known as sisal.

Sisal fibre is used to make baskets, ropes, twine and carpets. Sisal carpets are a trendy choice for your home. It has an attractive look and texture.

It is a great combination for your floors and colourful walls.

Sisal rugs characteristics and features

Sisal rugs characteristics and features
Sisal rugs are very durable and strong. It lasts for quite long and is also nice for the pets in your home. It is a really good replacement to the normal carpets that are found in the market.

Though, they are not fit to use outdoors as they cannot handle moisture. Sisal rugs also cost effective, thus it saves a few bucks from your pocket.

Sisal rug can go with any room of your choice. It has such unique look and feel that it will complement every place where you keep it. Despite of such low cost sisal rugs last very long.

They are perfect choice for anyone who is looking for rugs, because it is appropriate in every aspect for a house.

It is one of the natural fibres that are quite affordable and give a natural, eco-friendly and premium feel to the place.

Cleaning of Sisal rugs

One more thing fascinating about sisal rug is that it is very easy to clean. If there is dust on your sisal rug, just roll it and take it outside and shake the rug to clean the rig from dirt.

You can also hit it with a stick to remove the remaining dirt. Later to completely clean it you can use a vacuum.

Make sure that you don't wash your sisal rug with water, as it can take the moisture, thus making it compromise on its fibres and built.

Stains on the sisal rug should be cleaned as soon as possible before it settles.

Use a cloth or towel to soak the liquid that has been spilled and later use lukewarm water and carpet cleaning cloth to wipe the carpet.

After that use a dryer to dry the sisal rug, to make sure that no damage occurs to it.

Properties of Sisal rug

  1. It has less wear and tear and is durable with low maintenance.
  2. It can be recycled.
  3. Sisal fibres are obtained by removing the inner pulp from the outer layer of the leaf skin.
  4. Availability of sisal rug is also in the form of twill, herringbone and plaid.
  5. Sisal fibres are very good as it does not attract or trap any kind of dust particles and also it does not absorb any liquid like water, juice etc. quite easily.
  6. It has really fine texture, which makes the dying of the sisal rug very easy and has a lot of range of colours in which it can be dyed, thus providing more options of colour than any other natural fibre.
  7. It also has sound absorbing properties in it.
  8. If the leafs of the plant from which the sisal fibre is obtained is treated with natural borax, then it can also exhibit fire resistant properties.
Therefore, above were some few facts about Floorspace sisal rug telling that how it a great alternative for normal fibre rugs.