Should You Consider Leasing a Property? Here’s Your Answer

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Looking for a house for sale or for lease by the owner can be a stressful activity, especially if you don’t have connections or have limited real estate network.

You may get easily discouraged with the overwhelming or underwhelming choices you have. However, if you are willing to learn the ropes of finding the best house for either lease or sale, then you should be off to a good start.

For Lease or For Sale by Owner: A Primer

An average home buyer or leaser would think that he or she can only find a good deal with the help of a either a broker or a property buyer’s agent. However, the reality is, he or she can also consider dealing with the home owner directly, and be interested with the benefits associated with doing so.

While this concept is nothing new to the Australian housing market, only few people know it exists and how to take advantage of it. Many are still prompted to deal with brokers and agents even if they can directly negotiate with the home owner.

For sale or for lease by the owner, while not new in the housing industry, is becoming much more prevalent and popular in the country. Basically, in this set-up, the buyer, leaser, or home seller no longer hires a broker or agent to represent them before the buyer.

There’s no need to pay for commission of the broker and agent, allowing them to obtain more or save more money in the sale.

While most of sellers do the marketing of their property, it is not uncommon for some to hire marketing professionals to do it for them. Some sellers also post their ads on online selling sites to attract more potential buyers.

Moreover, sellers likewise hire lawyers who represent them throughout the sales process. On the side of the leasers and buyers, they usually get leads by searching the web, especially in real estate selling sites, or getting recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

If you after convenient, fast, and simple way of selling, leasing, or buying a house in Australia, then you should consider this set-up. Because of the less complicated nature of this set-up, it has become one of the more popular choices of Australia home sellers, buyers, and leasers throughout the years.

So, why you should consider it? Because…

It saves you time and effort – Selling, buying, or leasing a home in Australia needs not to be a time-consuming task, especially if you are in a hurry. In this set-up, since the buyer or leaser needs not to negotiate with the broker or agent, he or she can directly talk with the seller, cutting the red tape and saving both parties time. Because of this, negotiations become more direct and personal; hence, if the buyer is already decided to buy the property, he or she can easily do so, giving both parties benefits.

It saves you money – Because under this set-up, the leaser or buyer does no longer need to hire a broker or a property buyer’s agent, significant amount of money can be saved. This helps the buyer or leaser save money, which he or she can use in other important things such as renovating the home or buying new furniture sets or fixtures.

It is less complicated and more personal – If you are the owner of the home, and you want to have a personal experience with the prospect buyer or leaser, this set-up will work best for you. Since you are not bounded by the technicalities resulting from dealing with agents and brokers, the procedures necessary become more convenient, faster, and more personal.