Online Marketing Tips: Writing Headlines That Sell

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Well begun is half done!
As the proverb goes, a good beginning is almost worth half of the work. This holds relatively true in the field of online marketing where you have only a few micro seconds to form an impression, lose it and you have lost a potential customer. Even if you have spent a fortune and hundreds of man hours to rank on the first page of Google, a poorly written headline will not attract any readers.
Writing a compelling headline will not only increase your traffic, it will also set a tone for your brand which will further fortify your advertising and online marketing endeavours. iBaroody, one of the best companies for online marketing in Lebanon shares the following tips for writing a compelling headline that sells like crazy.

1. Say it directly
Direct headlines are not used as often they should, owing to their effectiveness. Direct headlines are so effective because they get straight to the point and people seem to respond to it. According to online marketing companies in Lebanon, if you are an established brand, direct headlines will works wonder for you. People already know your brand and by using a direct headline you can directly pitch for your product or introduce any offers if there are.
2. It’s about the benefits
Most people will want to disagree but the reality is most of your customers are not interested in your process or the hard work you have put in to create your product, all they care is the benefits they are getting.
Stating the benefits thus becomes imperative. You have to make sure that you are selling on your USP (Unique Selling Point). Most of the people really don’t read more than the headline, if you’re stating your USP in your headline, you’re at least making sure that your customers know about your USP which is a great achievement. However, if you are having troubles forming this kind of headline, you really need to think about your product in a new light.
3. The “How-to” headlines
Humans as a species are naturally curious, if you really look at the search data of large groups of people, you will find a high number of search queries beginning with “How to…” Using this phrases naturally attracts people who are seeking such answers. Google algorithms also prefer such answers and rate them higher for relative queries. You will not only increase your traffic but also sell more by the means of Native Advertising.
4. Become Provocative
It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to, there is enormous competition present everywhere. To really break the ice, you need to provoke your audience in order to grab their attention. Provocative headlines work in many ways. They not only sell for you but also help you create a tone for your brand. Some industry such as automobiles, sports and fashion can really bank on provocative headlines.
5. Always define numbers
People have a strange habit of getting drawn to easy and defined things, if you are writing a headline for a Native ad, make sure you are using the power of numbers in your posts quite frequently. Keep the number to unit digits though. The point is to make it look like an easy process.
Follow these headline writing tips as recommended by companies for online marketing in Lebanon and reap its benefits.