Top Big Data Certifications To Ace Your Career

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The promise of big data is now being recognized broadly & there’s certainly a growing enthusiasm for the concept of big data. For skilled professionals, there are a plethora of opportunities out there in the field of big data. Since last year, there’s an increasing job opportunity in big data management & analytics than ever & many professionals are preparing themselves for training. The growing demand is just the beginning, & in the next few years, the size of the market will continue to grow at least one-thirds from the current one. For most of the organizations, there’s a trend of implementing big data analytics with huge priority. The compensation for well-qualified professionals has seen a significant boost from last year. If you are up for the challenge, then 2017 may be the best year to hone your skills with the right certification. This will help you to sharpen your big data skills & keep it up-to-date which will eventually add value to your current job. These multifaceted certificates can add an extra boost to your career while gaining an edge over others.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
This program focuses on SQL administration skills with designing, building & deploying enterprise data. The program requires the applicant to pass five exams with topics such as administering, querying, implementing the data warehouse, designing business intelligence solutions & implementing data models & reports.
Cloudera Certified Professional Data Scientist
Cloudera provides four big data certifications such as Cloudera certified professional data scientist, Cloudera certified professional data engineer, Cloudera certified administrator for apache Hadoop, Cloudera certified associate spark & Hadoop developer. These are focused on designing & developing dynamic solutions for a production environment. The applicant has to pass three exams such as descriptive & inferential statistics on big data, advanced analytical techniques on big data & machine learning at scale. The exams must be taken within 365 days & eight hours are given for completion. These certifications are usually valid for 3 years.
MongoDB NoSQL Certifications
It is one of the hottest big data certifications for 2017. These certification is for two crucial roles such as Database administrators & application developers. The administrator has deep knowledge of processes, scaling, backup & recovery. The developer gets fluent in several programming languages with a deep understanding of MongoDB, the driver API, schema design & basic scaling.
SAS Certified Data Scientist
This dynamic global corporation offers SAS certifications specializing in business analytics software & services. For those who want to apply for the certification program must have expertise in manipulating big data using SAS & relevant tools, complex machine learning models & deploying models. After that, the applicant has to pass five exams in order to earn the distinguished credential.
As a multifaceted industry, big data is gaining momentum rapidly & there are not sufficient big data experts. These big data certifications will eventually help you to establish yourself as an expert in Big data.


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