Reasons why an erase board is superior to digital tools

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If you have used digital display tools and a whiteboard then you will agree with me that erase boards are superior to digital tools in presentations. That is why you will still find erase boards in big organisations that can still afford digital tools such as projectors. Below are some points to support this claim.

They are there with you
As long as the erase boards are there in the room, you cannot avoid them. You will always be attracted to read what is written on it. This is not the case with digital tools because you have to look for it and find it on the internet.
Have you ever seen projector presentations? They are awesome until you find a couple of mistakes in the slideshow. Correcting these mistakes means editing the PowerPoint document and the students or the employees will have seen the mistake already.
If you want your presentation to be flexible, just buy a whiteboard online. With erase boards, you will be able to edit the mistakes in your presentation before the workers or students notice it.
Stakeholders, product owners and interested parties can be able to see what the team is up to and collaborate with them because they will be standing next to them. This can be hard with digital tools because the team will have to go through the whole presentation document to understand the topic.
The end
One important thing with a whiteboard is that when you reach the end of your tether or a release window, you just wipe the board and start again. You will need a solvent to give it a good clean. And maybe you will have to redraw the columns and begin from the start. This can be cleansing and cathartic. There are some things you can do with erase boards that you can’t do with digital tools.