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King of Compact Luxury SUVs – Audi Q3

Audi has consistently provided it customers with different models that are not only easy to handle but come with innumerable comfort features allowing you to drive comfortably in them.

Style does matter

If you are looking for a used Audi Q3 car in Delhi, then it is advisable to go to a reputable dealer. This big sized premium SUV has some striking features. These include a big engine grill with a lot of chrome application. The grill extends up to the headlamp cluster and has a three-dimensional feel to it, which make it look more assertive on the road. The assertive look of the front is further accentuated by the inverted trapezium shaped headlamp cluster that features powerful LED lamps and turn lights. The side and back profile of this big car has similar dynamism that marks its front 

Travel like a king

Its interior styling and level of comfort are completely in tune with the expectation you will have while buying a premium car from a world renowned company. The deep seats with high quality leather furnishing complete envelops you. And its head and arm supports allow you to travel over longer distance without feeling tired. The dual zone powerful climate controller of Audi Q3 is very effective in keeping the harsh climate at bay by providing uniform cooling throughout the cabin.

Amazing driving experience

Driving this big car doesn’t pose any major problem as it has a low turning radius. The steering wheel feels compact in your hand and has several switches mounted on it to control the music system that come pre-installed with this car. The pop up display screen at the top of the dashboard allows you to use the navigational maps as well as the reverse camera to park the car safely. The top end trim of this car also supports voice commands, which is a pretty helpful feature when driving through busy traffic. For a shockproof ride from the bumps on the road, the company has installed a McPherson suspension system at the front axle and a 4-link suspension system to the rear axle. Both the front and the rear suspension system additionally get anti-roll bars.

A powerful heart

If you are looking for a used Audi Q3 in Delhi, you will be mightily impressed by this powerful performer. You have the option of buying this model with automatic or manual transmission options. The top end trim has a 7-speed automatic transmission gearbox mated to the motor that allows it to attain a maximum speed of 212Kmph and a mileage of 15.73Kmpl. However, if you want to experience real driving experience you can also look up the base trim of this car that features a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox coupled to its 1968cc diesel motor. This arrangement allows it to get a maximum speed of 202Kmph and a decent mileage of 17.32Kmpl.

A remarkable safety cocoon

Audi Q3 is a remarkable car and comes with unparalleled off the road driving capabilities. This car is also very safe to drive in thanks to the innumerable safety features that allow its riders to travel in a secure and comfortable cocoon even while travelling on difficult roads. The body of this powerful looking car is made up of high-grade steel with remarkable tensile strength. In addition, it features front back and sides impact beams that give the passenger cabin added strength. The designers have also provided crumple zones in the body of this car which will absorb any force that is produced due to a collision so that the passengers remain unharmed.

In addition, this compact SUV has a host of other features that keep the riders safe while driving. These include airbags for both the front as well as the rear passengers along with three point seat belts for all the riders. In addition, it also hosts parking sensors, seat belt & door open warning system, smart access card entry, central locking, ABS, EBF and brake assist among a host of others to make this car one of the safest drives on the road. These amazing features make used Audi Q3 a top seller in Delhi’s used car market.

Things to Consider while Choosing Executive Airport Cars

Unlike the popular belief, air travel is an absolutely tiring experience. If someone calls it a cakewalk, then ask him to run around outside the airport to get a taxi after a long distance flight. The hassle is such that even the most patient individuals might end up losing their cool. And, even if you find a taxi, the terrible drivers and their dirty cars would ruin your travelling experience. This is where executive airport cars come in handy. You merely have to book an executive car beforehand to smoothly reach your destination directly from the airport. But, different services have different policies and limitations. You need to consider the below-mentioned tips while hiring an executive airport car:

  1. Check the availability: You have to check whether the airport transfer service is available round the clock or not. This is important because if your plane gets delayed and the driver leaves simply because he doesn’t drive after a certain time, then you might end up being stranded at a foreign destination. Also, ensure that their service is available seven days a week else you might find yourself in a fix if they do not work on the day that you are looking to book the cab for!
  2. Check the fleet: While you’re booking the car from the car service, you should take a look at its car fleet. Your choice bracket will totally depend upon the car models available with the airport transfer service. Since, you are looking for an executive car service, you should check the availability of cars such as Mercedes, Sedan and SUVs.
  3. Fares and payment: Since, you are opting for executive airport cars, so the fares are expected to be on the higher end. But, you should definitely contact the helpline for the service provider to understand the pricing structure because, some airport transfer services offer flat rate fares and corporate discounts. In fact, if you’re using their service for the second or third time, then you might get lucky because some services have special features for their returning/regular customers.
  4. Past Record/Customer Reviews: Before making payment to the airport transfer service, you should spend some time going through their customer reviews online. You can visit forums and take help of locals to find a reliable airport transfer service. Following this basic step will help you in avoiding unprofessional and unreliable companies who might ruin your travelling experience.
  5. Usage of Technology: While most cars have navigation systems and traffic notification software, there’s no harm in cross-checking with the service provider. You should make it a point that your driver is equipped with these basic things required to take you to your destination.
Apart from the above-mentioned considerations, after choosing an executive car, you should ask your driver for the car papers and his driving license. This might seem like a trivial thing, but it would go a long way in making your experience smooth. The above-mentioned tips will help you find reliable executive airport cars and make your trip a memorable experience. Additionally, these things will ensure that you hire a service provider who matches your budget and quality expectations. 

5 Signs That Car Struts and Shock Absorbers Need to Be Replaced

Struts play an important role in the making your vehicle ride smoother. They are a part of the car suspension system and are used to reduce the bouncing of your car considerably as it crosses every bump on the road. Struts are typically used in combination with car shock absorbers in order to strengthen the entire suspension system. This combination of shock absorbers and struts, although present in each and every vehicle, varies from car to car and model to model in order to cater to the design needs of each vehicle exclusively. 

As is the case with any other automotive component, your car and motorbike shock absorbers and struts too need timely maintenance, especially considering the rigorous use they are put to. Also, if they are past maintenance and have totally reached a condition wherein they are beyond repair, you might want to simply buy shock absorbers and struts altogether.

If you are wondering and all perplexed about how to figure out whether or not you really need to replace them, read on to know more:

1. Increased Bouncing
In an ideal case scenario, as soon as your car passes over a bump, the car body should stop bouncing and return to a stable state of motion—all thanks to the perfectly-working struts and shock absorbers. On the contrary, if your car continues to jump back and forth for either a few seconds or up to a minute, it is a loud-and-clear indication that the struts and shock absorbers have worn out and it’s high time you replace them. 

2. Diving of the Nose and Squatting of the Rear
If the front of your car tends to bend forward every time you press the brake or the rear of your car hits the ground as you accelerate so as to drive even faster through a stretch on the road, chances are the struts and shock absorbers require either maintenance or complete replacement, depending on the condition they are in. Another sign of worn-out struts could be the squatting of your vehicle in case way too many people are occupying the rear seats. 

3. Scalloping of Tyres
Scalloping of tyres is a condition that is very commonly an indication that it is high time you replace your shocks and struts. Bad struts lead to more prominent and vehement bouncing of the vehicle tyres; every time the tyre strikes the ground, tiny scrapes of rubber come off, resulting in wearing away of the tyre treads and the subsequent degradation of tyres in the process.

4. Leaking of Hydraulic Fluid 
Struts and shocks that are very greasy and oily to look at are a pellucid sign that they have worn out and require immediate replacement. This is because the hydraulic fluid which is responsible for absorbing shock under normal circumstances gets squeezed out to drench the malfunctioning struts which otherwise are dry or only slightly wet in appearance. 

5. Increased Inclination at Bends
If your car tends to tumble and turn over to the right while taking a steep left turn or vice versa, then immediately consider replacing your struts and shocks, lest you want to meet with a deadly accident resulting from sheer misbalance of your vehicle.

It is best that you buy shock absorbers and struts only from manufacturers who have been in the business for long and have managed to make a name for themselves with the passage of time.  A few such manufacturers are Gabriel, Monroe, TRW, Magneti  Marelli and Motolamp, to name a few.