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How to bridge the Digital Skill-Gap

Reporting for the HRZone, at the HR Directors Business Summit, Jasmine Gartner, caught up with Mark O’Donoghue who had a word (rather plenty) to enlighten the professionals about the Digital smog that is enveloping all most every businessecosystem

For Mark O’Donoghue, Global MD at AVADO. The most crucial tech-evolutionof our epoch is being led by Digital Marketing.

Manifesting in almost all the business verticals, the workforce is now being asked to gain the Digital Marketing Skills which are relevant to the business.

Spreading like a fire in the jungle, even though it was mankind that gave rise to the machines, but the tech, running as a bloodstream is now the new sheriff in town. 

The whirlwind of Digital Marketing

O’Donoghue, in support of his arguments, outlined that for the first time a computer won at AlphaGo, a game in which the intuitive ability of the players is put to test, choosing from a huge array of board configurations. New developments in the digital Marketing field, mark the advent of Amazon’s Alexa, which is bound to take the data-storage costs down a notch.  

Changes wrought by innovation, demand that the employees be equipped with suited Digital Marketing Skill-sets, however, this still doesn’t change a thing for many companies who believe otherwise. 

Considering the ongoing trends, it would be wise to state that soon we will see a rise in the tide of Global Marketing Careers. The more the organizations of today, delay the need to train their workers digitally, the further the gap between skills would continue to broaden. This abyss, according to O’Donoghue will result in a loss of $63 Billion Dollars. 

Digital Marketing Certifications, need of the hour. 

There would never be a perfect time to launch your action plan. So, whatever the strategy, it needs to see the daylight as soon as possible. In the worst case scenario, the results of your tests would bear few negative numbers, the difference being that they would be YOUR numbers. Hence, only you would have the slightest idea to better it, in the next instance, such digital-marketing skills would give you an edge over those who want to play it safe. 

Digitalisation Credentials, marking a shift from the normal.

The greatest ideas are also often the simplest. So holds true for enterprises as well.HiPPO – the highest paid person’s opinion, is the underlying principle that guides the action plan of many established companies. Hence, the management may decide to impart Digital Marketing Skills to its workforce & otherwise, depending on its volition. But it is even, impossible for the top-brass to not notice that the Marketing & Sales Certifications are on the rise. Hence, the wave of digitization is bound to make its mark in this sphere as well.

The importance of learning cannot be neglected anywhere. Perhaps admitting that for so long, such important issues have been de-prioritized, would be a good note to start on. It is on that backdrop, that the management could build the, Digitally armed companies of the future.

Top Big Data Certifications To Ace Your Career

The promise of big data is now being recognized broadly & there’s certainly a growing enthusiasm for the concept of big data. For skilled professionals, there are a plethora of opportunities out there in the field of big data. Since last year, there’s an increasing job opportunity in big data management & analytics than ever & many professionals are preparing themselves for training. The growing demand is just the beginning, & in the next few years, the size of the market will continue to grow at least one-thirds from the current one. For most of the organizations, there’s a trend of implementing big data analytics with huge priority. The compensation for well-qualified professionals has seen a significant boost from last year. If you are up for the challenge, then 2017 may be the best year to hone your skills with the right certification. This will help you to sharpen your big data skills & keep it up-to-date which will eventually add value to your current job. These multifaceted certificates can add an extra boost to your career while gaining an edge over others.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
This program focuses on SQL administration skills with designing, building & deploying enterprise data. The program requires the applicant to pass five exams with topics such as administering, querying, implementing the data warehouse, designing business intelligence solutions & implementing data models & reports.
Cloudera Certified Professional Data Scientist
Cloudera provides four big data certifications such as Cloudera certified professional data scientist, Cloudera certified professional data engineer, Cloudera certified administrator for apache Hadoop, Cloudera certified associate spark & Hadoop developer. These are focused on designing & developing dynamic solutions for a production environment. The applicant has to pass three exams such as descriptive & inferential statistics on big data, advanced analytical techniques on big data & machine learning at scale. The exams must be taken within 365 days & eight hours are given for completion. These certifications are usually valid for 3 years.
MongoDB NoSQL Certifications
It is one of the hottest big data certifications for 2017. These certification is for two crucial roles such as Database administrators & application developers. The administrator has deep knowledge of processes, scaling, backup & recovery. The developer gets fluent in several programming languages with a deep understanding of MongoDB, the driver API, schema design & basic scaling.
SAS Certified Data Scientist
This dynamic global corporation offers SAS certifications specializing in business analytics software & services. For those who want to apply for the certification program must have expertise in manipulating big data using SAS & relevant tools, complex machine learning models & deploying models. After that, the applicant has to pass five exams in order to earn the distinguished credential.
As a multifaceted industry, big data is gaining momentum rapidly & there are not sufficient big data experts. These big data certifications will eventually help you to establish yourself as an expert in Big data.

The shortest distance from Data to Intelligence is through Analytics.

You log in to various social platforms, and insert your credentials -That is data. You add your contact details, pay bills, in fact, all that you do online is recorded and is cumulatively called big data. The moment we enter the digital sphere, everything you type is gulped down by the machine, which later produces all the information as and when required. 

The most interesting thing about data is, it is like air, to be more accurate, its digital air, spread everywhere. From your mobile phones to internet web browser, all the information is up there and can be consumed in umpteen number of ways and time. Just piling on the information is not data, it’s big only when it is useful and has some credentialing to back it up. 

It is not an easy task to understand data, in fact, there are many global certification bodies hovering to enter the big business and provide professional certification to validate the most factual data provided by data scientist. Thanks to professional certification, aspiring data scientist have found their base. 

 But then there are verticals which define these data
1.    Big Data
2.    Data Science
3.    Data Analytics
To elaborate and make it more meaningful, here’s an explanation to give you the right kind of vibe about these three big terminologies of Data. 

BIG DATA – As the name suggests, the data is huge, rather humongous. It is defined by three V’s – namely, Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Value. This data helps to analyze the behavior and predict the trends and patterns that will be helpful in near future. Retail, Communication, financial services industries heavily rely on Big Data. A big data specialist needs to hone up their statistical, 
mathematical and analytical skills to be validated by a professional certification body.

DATA SCIENCE – Data Science can be called a technique of decoding the data and extract the most relevant information from the complex and large pool of information stored. It processes all the big data and provides with better insights. It does involve using the various methodology in order to draw a result. And, in recent times there is a sudden surge in the demand of a data scientist who has a professional certification and can help the firms to decode big data

DATA ANALYTICS – Coming to Data analytics – to explain in simple word, it is like a research or survey done which withdraws the end result.  But the tough part is they withdraw result not only from the structure but also unstructured and complex data. Once a company knows, what is driving the crowd to take the final plunge of making a purchase, they can take a better business decision. But analyzing of data is surely not an easy task, only few can excel in it. 

Those gifted with this flair, yet unrecognized can opt to get their credentials from a professional certification body. 

Undoubtedly, data is everywhere, but very few possess the knowledge to use it in their stride. It is high time that individuals and industries get more professionals on their side to sail through the storm that is coming up with data getting bigger. It is because of the high demand that Global certification industries are also experiencing a boom, which in a way or other is helping everyone connected on the digital sphere to grow.

Online Marketing Tips: Writing Headlines That Sell

Well begun is half done!
As the proverb goes, a good beginning is almost worth half of the work. This holds relatively true in the field of online marketing where you have only a few micro seconds to form an impression, lose it and you have lost a potential customer. Even if you have spent a fortune and hundreds of man hours to rank on the first page of Google, a poorly written headline will not attract any readers.
Writing a compelling headline will not only increase your traffic, it will also set a tone for your brand which will further fortify your advertising and online marketing endeavours. iBaroody, one of the best companies for online marketing in Lebanon shares the following tips for writing a compelling headline that sells like crazy.

1. Say it directly
Direct headlines are not used as often they should, owing to their effectiveness. Direct headlines are so effective because they get straight to the point and people seem to respond to it. According to online marketing companies in Lebanon, if you are an established brand, direct headlines will works wonder for you. People already know your brand and by using a direct headline you can directly pitch for your product or introduce any offers if there are.
2. It’s about the benefits
Most people will want to disagree but the reality is most of your customers are not interested in your process or the hard work you have put in to create your product, all they care is the benefits they are getting.
Stating the benefits thus becomes imperative. You have to make sure that you are selling on your USP (Unique Selling Point). Most of the people really don’t read more than the headline, if you’re stating your USP in your headline, you’re at least making sure that your customers know about your USP which is a great achievement. However, if you are having troubles forming this kind of headline, you really need to think about your product in a new light.
3. The “How-to” headlines
Humans as a species are naturally curious, if you really look at the search data of large groups of people, you will find a high number of search queries beginning with “How to…” Using this phrases naturally attracts people who are seeking such answers. Google algorithms also prefer such answers and rate them higher for relative queries. You will not only increase your traffic but also sell more by the means of Native Advertising.
4. Become Provocative
It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to, there is enormous competition present everywhere. To really break the ice, you need to provoke your audience in order to grab their attention. Provocative headlines work in many ways. They not only sell for you but also help you create a tone for your brand. Some industry such as automobiles, sports and fashion can really bank on provocative headlines.
5. Always define numbers
People have a strange habit of getting drawn to easy and defined things, if you are writing a headline for a Native ad, make sure you are using the power of numbers in your posts quite frequently. Keep the number to unit digits though. The point is to make it look like an easy process.
Follow these headline writing tips as recommended by companies for online marketing in Lebanon and reap its benefits. 

What Is Sales Analytics

Knowing what works and what doesn't is the essence of sales analytics. In today's world being able to pinpoint costs, and what services or items sell and which flounder, is what keeps a company from failing. Everyone from the CEO to the worker behind the desk needs this information to keep a business running. This is particularly the case with trends coming and going at light speed. By altering your service to meet new trends, you will alleviate the risk of being left behind.

If you find this daunting and a bit overwhelming, you aren't alone. This is what makes sales analytic software so useful. They simplify the process and make it less stressful with their sales analytic software. Now instead of shifting through tons of paperwork trying to analyze trends, sales analytic software compiles it all together and helps remove all the excess information that you don't need.

How does sale analytics work

As you make sales and put out an advertisement, you will notice trends in sales based on the consumer's response to your ads. This means you will find certain groups respond to different ads differently. You might theorize that younger generations are more likely to act upon ads on the Internet, while older generations may react to ads on billboards. However, without sales analytics, you will never know.

There are several ways to track results and determine what is working. If you place a television ad, for instance, you might offer a customer 5% off if they use a specific code when they call your number. Your sales team then might receive 25 calls by customers using the unique code, allowing you to know everyone that used the code watched the ad. Now assume you did another television ad and received only 15 callers using a different code, by keeping track of the callers and which code they respond to, you can determine that the first ad was more effective than the second.

Another strategy is placing online ads through companies like Facebook to increase traffic to your web page or advertise a product. This theory is similar to the previous but tracked differently. In this case, every time someone clicks on the ad it takes them to your web page, with which you can usually track the traffic to your website and how they got there with various plugins or software.

This is where sales analytic software comes in handy. Before sale analytic software was created, you either had to keep track of results on paper or an excel spreadsheet. This process was time consuming and hard to sort through. With analytic software, you can easily track your web page hits and count the responses to TV ads to see what gives you the best results. Even better, the software breaks it down into categories and allows you to see where your money is going and how much you are getting back on your investments. 

6 Crucial Skills Every Digital Marketing Professional Must Have

A digital marketer should have the skills to understand the new web paradigms and their communication attributes to attract a large number of customers. It is all about knowing the social media platforms and digital channels to increase the brand awareness generating high revenue. Keep reading to find out the skills a digital marketing professional must have. 

Search Engine Optimization Skills
To be a successful digital marketing professional, it is important to have search engine optimization skill. You should know technical SEO skills along with     server settings, sitemaps, and server response codes. SEO means to maintain the traffic on the concerned web page with an impressive keyword research. For this, a candidate must be well aware of tools like Moz, SEMRush, and other relevant tools upgrading their skills. These SEO tools help to analyze the customer behavior and maintain the competitive landscape to study the other brands perspective.
Strategic Planning Skills
A digital marketer should know about the plethora of ideas and various creative processes for implementing them. Digital marketing people do not follow the usual trend and think out of the box to come up with innovative ideas for the brand promotion. They have competitive and strategic planning skills. Digital marketing professionals have the ability to create and improve the complex concepts so that they appeal to the perspective clients. You can join the digital marketing courses in Delhi to polish your skills of digital marketing. They can design a cohesive strategy indicating the best marketing plans to create a brand name.
Pay Per Click
One of the growing facets of digital marketing is pay per click (PPC). Every organization looks for these skills in their professionals, In order to demonstrate your skills in this particular field, you must portray your research and analytical skills which are essential to design an impressive PPC campaign. It is an added advantage along with the overwhelming marketing strategy.
Social Media Skills
Social Media skills are the most necessary skills of the digital marketing professionals as there is a need to stay connected with the people around. Nowadays, a marketing plan is only effective if it backed by an impressive social media strategy. Social media platforms are a hub of opportunities for industries of different sectors which can never be neglected. Therefore, the professionals should be smart enough to tap the maximum potential from the social media platforms to represent the marketing strategy to the clients. Whether it is about brand awareness, customer loyalty and attracting new buyers, social media is important to stimulate sales. It is the perfect platform to distribute their messages across multiple channels in less available time.
Revenue Driven Market
One of the biggest qualities of digital marketers is to drive maximum revenue from their strategies. Being marketers you must focus on the generating top revenue growth for the company to grow its verticals. To learn the skills of a digital marketing you can take admission into an internet marketing institute in Delhi to refine your skills giving them a direction. Individuals who can combine their efforts along with the revenue improvement efforts have the maximum chances to survive in the environment.
Website Management Skills
Website Management skills are one of the most powerful tools to attract the maximum number of customer base and take your brand to new heights. A well-optimized website can increase the online presence and provide you various ways to connect with the target audience. This helps you to generate leads for your business.
These are the essential skills every digital marketing professional must have. If you have these skills you are sure to build an impressive career in the field of digital marketing.