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GRE Exam: Understanding the figure of speech

One competitive exam that is applied for students in huge numbers is the GRE. This prestigious exam, when qualified allows students to study in foreign universities and colleges and enhance their career prospects. But this is not an easy exam and does require the students to put in lots of effort, understanding and time to study properly and thoroughly.

Understanding figures of speech       

The best gre training is sure to cover each and every area and topic of the GRE exam and will ensure that all students have understood it clearly and thoroughly. Figures of speech according to the experts are ways to use phrases and words, so as to add color and interest to what is being written or said. But it is likely to different between regions and countries. Few main types are as follows. Some examples might include more than a single category, for example, the colloquialisms are likely to overlap natural terms. There are also few items which do not term itself as figures of speech, however still shades the writing.

Getting to understand in-depth

Trying to use figures of speech within the writing is considered to be a way to convey fresh meanings in an unexpected manner. The figures can actually help the readers to stay interested and understand better what is there to specify. With regards to developing figures of speech, one can use metaphors and similes to enrich writing skills.

At the same time, figures of speech when used is likely to boost use of article, readable and glowing, It has been shown clearly by GRE writing studies that in examination, using figures of speech is sure to help improve writing level immensely. A classic example is ‘How to enhance a happy retired life’.
This can be stated to be a perfect metaphor to some extent, towards making the words in classical language section in English prose.

Again similes are stated to be formulaic and specific allegory form. The simile is rather a juxtaposed comparison between two or more items, so as to illustrate clearly awareness to its similarities. Similes in the English language is marked typically by using of as or like or resembles or than. It also displays two things, which are unlike in several ways and similar in a single crucial way. They can best describe something and hence, needs to be used at the right places. They are used by authors to enhance their writing as well as to improve its entertainment factor and interesting quotient level.

This language over time has acquired worldwide recognition and reputation because of globalized power relations. Several governments and companies are finding it beneficial to hire non-native speakers of his particular language. Hence, those trying to attempt GRE exam should master it, so that they not only get good scores in the exam, but also are able to get jobs easily after successful completion of their higher studies. Undergoing gre preparation course from a reputed coaching center is a wise decision taken.

Simple tips for taking high-quality university graduation photos

Graduation is a great experience and one must respect its importance as not everyone gets the opportunity to graduate and hence the chance of wearing a graduation gown. If you are among the lucky people who have the opportunity of wearing the gown and attending the graduation ceremony then you should be very grateful. It is, therefore, important to make the great day memorable and have something you can look upon and feel proud.

Photos are great when it comes to preserving memories. They will live for generations and you will have some proof to show your children and grandchildren that you graduated. It is, therefore, important to have quality photos and here are some tips for taking high-quality graduation photos.
Hire a photographer
You need to hire a photographer to attend the graduation ceremony. The photographer should sit in a strategic place to be able to capture your happy moments in that graduation gown hire you only get one chance to wear. Let them take as many photos as possible when you are at the venue of graduation.
It is important to take some solo photos, photos with family, friends and your classmates. After graduation, you will have enough time to walk around the school and take photos at the school’s landmarks. You can also take photos at your favourite places such as the gate of the school, your favourite building and many more places. You may even have the opportunity to take photos with your lecturers.
Studio photos
After graduation, you shouldn’t return the graduation gown immediately. You will need some high-quality portrait photos which can only be taken in a photo studio. Make sure your gown is clean and tidy before taking the photos. Take your studio photos in different poses. You can also take studio photos with family and friends to make the great day more memorable.


Tips and tricks to begin strategic preparation of NEET

Medical has been a field that attracts a number of aspirants every year who want to make their career in this field. There are a few tests that one has to clear before getting a sea reserved here. Numerous students all over India are willing to prepare for the medical entrance examinations, but they are quite confused regarding their strategy which needs to be planned so that there is a systematic preparation of the syllabus. Moreover, most of the people have many sorts of the pre-assumptions set very before they start the preparation of the examination like the examination is too difficult to be qualified and many such things.

Though it is quite a fact that the examination demands much of the sincere attention to the preparation and in addition to that, there are various things which are to be handled with caution while the preparation. The very first thing that one has to set in the mind is that the cracking of the examination with good marks is important for you. 

You must mentally prepare yourself for any and everything you attempt so that you can give your fullest in the preparation. It is a very well said version that whenever you know the importance of doing some work, you can easily figure out how the work can be done.  And later on, there are several other things as well which are required for the preparations. Following are some of those things:

Try to get all the books and collect them all together once you get to know all the recommended books. Figure out what are all the books which are required to be followed with the entire sample question paper books as well and hence you will end up collecting all the books at once.

When it comes to the coaching classes, then one must always go for the NEET medical coaching online so that there can be much saving of time.  There are quality coaching facilities available online where all the doubts can be cleared, and the classes are economical as well as they charge less course fee as compared to the normal coaching available.

Make notes of all the topics which are required to be prepared for the examination. Getting notes is quite a matter of ease from the online classes for medical preparation. When the notes are well prepared it not only helps for memorizing things but this is also helpful for the revision before the examinations, and thus the most important part of the preparation is the note making of all the topics which are included in the syllabus.

Take regular recaps of the topics which you cover on the daily basis so that you don’t forget all the things which you learn.

Study on a daily basis and make figure out how much time you are requiring for the completion of each chapter and accordingly formulate all your timetable so that you can cover all the topics included in the portion very much earlier than the exam arrives.

Perfections are Available for the Perfect NEET Medical Exam Thanks to Online Support

We know more and more about how memory works, so how do we best use it during revisions? How to produce this big effort of memorization in a limited time without too much stress? Advice based on the contributions of education in the medical world.

Exam revisions: how to memorize well?

Memory is a fascinating faculty that researchers are constantly exploring. Their discoveries, in connection with the observations of educators, bring out today a new discipline: the medical coaching, which wants to make benefit the world student of the achievements of the medical sciences. We take some here by mixing them with others. They are valid for any type of examination or competition. The NEET medical online coaching process is perfect in this matter.

Leave your classes, your basic menu

You find on the internet today so many resources and courses - on paper, video or audio - (? Anyway, the paper is recycled, otherwise) that you may be tempted to direct your poor grades in the trash 
Now it would be a big mistake because most of the time, your courses and books have already been used as learning aids in the year. Your memory has already been nourished by these "basic menus."So even if your course is imperfect, it has already allowed you to forge memories. We must start from these often familiar notes that are like the backbone of your memory. Revisiting them quickly puts you in the forefront of elements such as the plan, the memory of anecdotes given by the teacher, the duties involved, etc.

Enrich your menu with other resources

Now you have to put flesh around your spine. You must complete and enrich your courses. 

- Often, you must already get the courses you missed or badly rated. Start by asking their classmates for classmates or other students from the same school, and then go on the internet to a course-sharing site. 

- Then, even if your course is complete, it must be enriched: find documents, new exercises, maps, cards that allow you either to illustrate a course too abstract or to understand certain passages better.

Sheets, mind maps, diagrams: do your cooking, the one you like

You now have a complete and attractive revision material; you have to move on to learning (normally re-learning) and swallow it all, put yourself in mind the things to remember. This is the first of three stages of memorization: encoding, which then allows storage and retrieval of knowledge. The online coaching classes for medical entrance happens essentially there.

In the same way, the richer and diversified the encoding, the more the "memory trace" left in the brain is deep: a visual memory will be more robust if it is taken up by a read and written text, if it is illustrated by a narrative, movement, etc.

Methodological advice: 

If you are visual, summarize each course according to the rich technique of the mental map, if you like telling stories, make cards with your own words, if you like numbers and diagrams, schematize everything. Make your kitchen, one that will appeal to your intelligence, consider your profile, and you’re learning strategy. 

ASIC design verification engineer – Prepare yourself

It is all the revolution in the semiconductor industry that made big sized appliances to comes in portable and stylish designs. VLSI industry creates several job opportunities for the electronics and electrical candidates. The role of ASIC design verification engineer is one of the challenging positions in the industry for which the most of the candidates show interest. But your BE, Btech or M.Sc certificate in Electronics or Electrical is not enough to take your resume to the top of the priority list. You should have the benefit of the specialized training to reach the interview board.

ASIC design verification engineer

ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit. This deals with integrated circuits that are designed and customized for particular use. They are entirely different from the circuits that are made for general purposes. Hence ASIC design verification engineer should have excellent knowledge about the design and structuring of the circuits for the specialized purposes just like a chip designed for the digital voice recorder. Verification engineer has the responsibility of checking the drawbacks and to provide recommendations to solve the same to make it really perfect of the intended application. Now you can gain sufficient knowledge and training with the help of training exclusively designed for ASIC design verification engineer in Bangalore.

Best way to pass the test and interview

It is quite natural that you have to pass the pre-employment test and win the interview board to get posted in your dreamt job with any of the reputed companies in the country. ASIC design verification engineer training provided by the reputed VLSI institutes of Bangalore provides better grounds and opportunities for the candidates to enhance their technical skills, theoretical knowledge and to put their hands on some real projects. This training provided by the real professionals of the industry helps the candidates to understand basics to advanced concepts in the semiconductor industry in a better way to win the test and interview.

Successful training 

Make sure that you select the best VLSI institute in Bangalore to make the training relay effective. A reputed institute provides sophisticated classroom and innovative labs to provide high-quality training with the use of the advanced resources and quality course contents. They provide you with real projects to use your knowledge and talents. These projects developed by the real experts of the industry give a better opportunity for the candidate to make use of the advanced methodologies and latest EDA tools. The candidates will be provided with the projects on multimillion gate count design, full chip level implementation, and more to make the training really successful.

Placement assistance

Reputed VLSI institutes of Bangalore with the sound relationship with the leading companies and industries assure 100%v placement assistance for the candidates. HR division of the institute takes maximum efforts to brings the best opportunities in design verification engineer position for the candidates as per the expectations.

So now it is your time to join the best VLSI training to win design verification test engineer in Bangalore. Look at the reviews and success stories of the leading VLSI institutes of Bangalore to select the best institute that starts new batches on every month.

Apply For Government Job in Sarkari Exam

In the digital world, the job market is booming. Most of the people wish to have the government job. The state government offers the great job opportunity to the people. The authority was announced as the latest job vacancies in the several departments such as police, railway, bank, school, and others. You can apply for the recruitment in the Sarkari exam portal. 

The Sarkari result is one of the popular government job and result website. This website offers complete details about the Sarkari exam. The exam is conducted by the central government and state government of India. If you need to apply for the board exam, entrance exam, recruitment, and others or need to check the government exam result then you can visit the Sarkari 

Reason for using Sarkari exam portal

Most of the candidates access the Sarkari exam and result portal for checking the exam result. in this portal, you can get the academic examination results which conducted by the state and central board. The candidates need not visit the University to check the exam result. By visiting the Sarkari exam and result portal you can check the exam result from the home. By entering the roll number and password you can download the exam result on your desktop or smartphone. There is a lot of the reason for using the Sarkari exam portal such as check the result faster, apply the application form easily and others. The portal offers the exam result in Hindi. 

How to apply for the government job in Sarkari exam

If you are looking to apply for the government job then the Sarkari exam is a perfect choice. You can apply for the job easily by visiting the Sarkari exam portal. Here you can get the simple step to apply for the government job online. 

First, you should visit the official portal of the Sarkari exam 

Then click the department as per your choice

Select the recruitment option on the homepage. 

Download the official advertisement for an exam from the link 

Before applying the exam you should read the notification clearly.

If you are eligible for the recruitment then you can download the online application form. 

Enter the details like name, date of birth, address, mobile number and others. 

Upload the required documents to the form 

Pay the application fee through credit card, debit card, net banking and others. 

Recheck the application form and click on submit button.

Download the application form for future uses. 

Check Sarkari result status 

The candidates visit the Sarkari exam website and check the Sarkari result status. The Sarkari result is available in Hindi. The applicants can access the results of the entrance exam, central government exam, bank exam and others. The website offers the exam result in Hindi and English that help the candidates to check the result without any hassle. The candidates can trust to get the correct result online. The board selects the qualified and talented candidates to the post. 

Getting ready for IELTS - Grammar and Vocabulary

These days it does not matter what kind of grammar you use in your everyday life, whether or not others understand what you say and write about matters. This belief is widespread and right to some extent. However, you cannot deny the fact that grammar is the backbone of any language that you speak and write: more accurate the grammar, clearer the message.

Grammar and vocabulary play a crucial role in the IELTS exam. The level of its importance varies from module to module. Grammar makes up 25% of the IELTS exam, and in the writing and speaking section, 25% of the marks are for the vocabulary. 

Role of grammar in each of the IELTS module - 

Writing module - Writing module has two tasks. In task 1 you are required to write an essay of 150 words and task 2 you are required to give a brief description of 250 words. These two tasks is assessed based on the four criteria - Task achievement (Task 1) / task response (Task 2), coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, grammatical range, and accuracy. Hence, good writing includes good vocabulary, grammar, meaningful and exciting content. 

Speaking module - Speaking module has three task and is a face to face interview with the examiner. You are required to answer a few questions. The tasks are assessed based on four criteria - Fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, pronunciation. So you need to make sure you are grammatically correct, and your answers make sense.

Listening and Reading module - Though, grammar is not essential for reading and listening module, the knowledge of grammar is still needed to select the correct answers. 

Now that you know the importance of grammar in IELTS, here are few rules how to use it.

1. In IELTS speaking task 1 you have to answer questions about yourself. Here you have to use the right verb tense.  If you are talking about general things that you regularly do, then you have to use present simple. If you are referring to the actions that are temporary and are happening around the moment of speaking, then you have to use present continuous.

2. In Writing task 1, you have to describe the given graphs or charts. Since you are reporting the situations that had happened, you have to use simple past tense.

3. Use modal verbs such as ‘Could’, ‘Might’ and ‘May’ to describe different nuances.

4. Use ‘Could have’, ‘Might have’ and ‘May have’ to express possible actions in past or present.

5. Use ‘Can’ to write possible general statements about the present.

6. Use ‘Must’ when you want to express something that is entirely true. 

7. Use passive voice whenever you want to sound more formal and impersonal.

8. Use ‘The’ while describing something in a specific area, cardinal numbers, superlatives, places that refers to a group of states and make use of ‘The’  before nouns and abstract nouns as well.

9. Use adjectives when describing people, things, and places or comparing them. 

Knowing these grammar rules is not enough, you need to practice them. In addition, once you have improved your grammar and vocabulary skills, you will have the confidence to nail the IELTS exam.

Why You Need a Mentor to Help You Write Your Business School Essays?

Why You Need a Mentor to Help You Write Your Business School Essays?

When I first started to write my business school essays, I quickly grew frustrated at the lack of words, rather the right flow of words, to describe my thoughts. I thought I had a sound grasp on my thoughts but then I spent hours together staring at a blank screen.

Back then, I attributed my difficulty in writing to not being a prolific writer.

Later I realized it was a problem with even the most accomplished writers. It even has a name – ‘Writer’s Block’

For most clients that I’ve worked with, writing the essays, especially the first draft is the most challenging bit. Many of them have great command over the language, are articulate, yet they find it an arduous task to pen down their thoughts.

I overcame my own challenge when I found myself a mentor to help me with writing my essays. In hindsight, my mentor encouraged attitudinal and behavioral changes that helped elevate my writing and thereby, my essays to a much higher level.

If you are struggling with your own essays, here’s why you should consider having a mentor –

Improves self-awareness

Without feedback, it’s difficult for us to know what we are doing right or what needs to be improved. It’s important to have a credible source providing that feedback. In my case, my mentor was an alum of the business school I was applying to. He had been through the process himself besides being experienced in mentoring other aspirants. Additionally, he always offered honest feedback. If my writing was terrible or incoherent, he would point it out without mincing his words. He would offer helpful pointers on how I could rectify my mistakes. Both his honesty and support guided me to find my own voice, to bring in more clarity in my thoughts and writing. Above all, it made me humbler when receiving feedback, not just as a writer but also as an individual.

Horse with blinders on

That’s what we become when we are steeped in our thoughts, figuring out ways to transform them into words. It’s difficult to look at our writings from different angles, simply because we become too attached to it. Also, when writing business schools, there is an element of urgency; one doesn’t want to write forever because there’s an entire application or applications to worry about!

A good mentor will bring in that unbiased perspective to your writing. She or he can assess whether your essays answer the essay questions with the right amount of depth, clarity and conviction. Mentors can see whether the tone of your essays reflects the values business schools want to see in their future students.

And often when you, submerging in detail, are in danger of going off track, your mentor will guide you back on the right path. The right amount of depth, the right kind of writing style, right down to business school appropriate language will all be pointed out by experienced mentors.

Staying Focused

It’s not uncommon to see your first draft being shredded or covered in red with tons of comments. It’s hugely disappointing because you’ve to start all over. Don’t get disheartened. Good mentors understand the submission constraints but also don’t want to compromise on quality. One of the ways, I bring in more focus when mentoring my clients is to draw up a schedule by when they’d turn in their essay drafts and by when I’d review their essays. This helps set the right expectations on both sides. My clients find that the schedule helps them fight inertia by staying focused on delivering the drafts. And if they find themselves in danger of missing the timelines, they flag off to me whatever is delaying their progress. What follows next is that I, together with my clients, find ways to overcome the hindrance.

In my own experience as a mentee, I’ve benefitted immensely from the wisdom and experience of a good mentor. Today, when I mentor my clients, many of the lessons that I share with my clients have a huge element of empathy. I know what it feels like when you start to write your business school essays. If you ever think the process is difficult, beyond your ability and you are better off delaying it or giving up altogether – please don’t. Just like the many firsts in our life, writing business school essays is only tough at the start. Persist and you’ll see that your writing will improve with each successive draft. You may even start to enjoy writing just as I did.

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How to get Scholarships for Studying in France

France is a country which I famous for its high culture and especially for its significant excitement for expressions, frame, and anything related to looking for after tasteful interests. That is the reason understudies who wish to consider in these spaces raced to this land in group.

However, before bouncing into the experience of inspecting in this land one needs to fathom that in this country can get to some degree costly for the people who don't have a place with an incredibly strong cash related establishment. This should not in any way hose the people who are amazing in scholarships and wish to look for after their interests in light of the fact that there endless for focusing on in France.

There are a few urban zones in France which are striking for offering the top possible courses in without a doubt the most world class universities. Paris clearly is one of them therefore it Florence and a couple others. For understudies who are needing to consider in this country, they are told to get help from one concerning the abroad preparing specialists to get the correct bearing as there are an extraordinary arrangement various traditions, tests, system, and methods which one needs to involvement to think about in a country warmly called France.

This we say in light of the way that as a general rule when one wishes to focus abroad there are traditions which go before one can land up in that country. This is fundamentally more vital in European countries where the game plans regarding worldwide understudies are harder. Other than as we had said that understudies may apply for gifts, study in France for bachelor degree, they generally need to make a couple of uses and May moreover need to give a qualifying exams to get fit the bill for the awards?

One should similarly not disregard that Universities in France, these stipends are given out for the best moratoria candidate and one needs to confront overall competition when one sits for such exams. That is the reason the noteworthiness of taking help of abroad direction masters ends up being considerably more so goal. In no time since these top class abroad backers have been in the matter of sending youngsters to another nation to better reviews for an extensive time allotment, one can rest ensure that with years of practice and inclusion in their pockets they are proficient in the claim to fame of prepare understudies for focusing on in France and tantamount countries. This said we have to express that to look at in such a delightful country, the understudy himself must be enormously proactive and attempt to arrive!

Author Bio: 

Sweta- A lovely experienced professional writer from India currently working with one of the India- Global Education and test Prep Centers in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, NZ

HR Certificate vs. HR Certification—A Thin Line of Difference Takes a Hard Line on Career

HR Certifications” and “HR certificate” are the most searched options online for HR professionals looking for career growth on a serious note! After all, it matters a lot, at least for aspiring ones, to learn new things and earn credit for their efforts.

But hold on! If you use both the terms interchangeably, refrain. Even though many consider certification and certificate synonymous, ideally, they’re not. HR Certifications and HR certificate programs aren’t the two opposite sides of a coin at all, they’re two different concepts altogether! And like different concepts, both are meant to serve different purposes. 

If we go by definitions, professional HR certifications refer to a completely voluntary process through which a non-governmental body provides time-specific recognition and credential to a professional after thoroughly examining that she or he has met all the standardized and predetermined criteria set by the body. 

An HR certificate, on the other hand, signifies a training program focusing on a specialized topic. On successful completion of the course, along with an assessment, participants are conferred with a certificate. 

According to the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), a HR certificate program gives non-degree training and instruction, with the prime objective being to assist participants in gaining specific skills and knowledge. However, for ICE, an HR certification program is all about assessing the skills and knowledge of a professional that he or she has acquired previously. Its primary aim is to validate a professional’s competence in HR with the help of a conformity assessment system. 

An analysis of types of rewards received by participants also helps in recognizing the differences between HR certification and HR certificate programs. Following the completion of some specific learning outcomes, a certificate is provided. HR Certification candidates, on the other hand, earn designations recognizing their achievement in meeting the knowledge, competencies or skills established by the specific certification body. In such cases, an independent evaluation of these competencies is the major focus. 

Certification or Certificate: What’s the right option to opt for?

Certification and certificate—both programs can hold great significance to specializations on one’s career. However, the following tips help in choosing the right program.
·         Find out the program that focuses on a rigorous evaluation to get the certificate or certification
·         Look for the programs that are approved/accredited by any third-party organization
·         Do a bit of research (read the reviews of other participants) before opting for one
For HR professionals, both certification and certificate options are available to choose from. One has to be well informed and select the program wisely on the basis of one’s professional requirements and goals.