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Things That You Should Never Do In A Restaurant

Dining out in La Jolla restaurants is meant to be a pleasant and fun experience. We enter the restaurant, sit down and make our order. We then pay after eating and leave. This is just a straightforward experience but there are some outspoken rules that we must follow. Some of the behaviors discussed in this blog post are unpleasant and should never be done in a restaurant.

We know that the waiter is there to serve clients but when you enter the restaurant, don’t treat the waiter as if they are your servants. Stop whistling at them because this can be also irritating to other customers. Just wait for the waiter to look in your direction and wave.

Sitting down before the waiters clear the table
The table might be available but you might not get served quicker in La Jolla bars & restaurants if the table has not been cleared yet. You will just make the job more difficult for the waiter to clear the table. They will clear it with the fear of spilling drinks on you. You will also have a disgusting experience to look at dirty dishes. Just wait for the table to be cleared before you sit.

Changing your baby on the table
It is very true that some people do this. It is good to remember that a restaurant is a place of dining and some people cannot stand to see the dirt and the smell when eating. If you must change your baby, kindly use the washrooms. It is what they were meant for.

Bringing your dog
We know you love your pets but don’t bring them to La Jolla restaurants because the places were not meant for dogs. No one will bar you from coming with your dog but it is just discipline to leave your dog behind or sit outside.

5 EPIC Bhojpuri Songs That Are Popular Even In High-End Pubs

The charisma and energy of Bhojpuri songs surpass every song out there. These songs have a unique rawness and great energy associated with them. Due to these reasons, most of the high-end pubs play staple Bhojpuri songs which automatically brings people to the dance floor and make them dance as if there is no tomorrow. So, here is the list of 5 epic Bhojpuri songs that are always present on a DJ’s playlist.

1. Lollypop Lagelu

This all-time classic song sung by Pawan Singh has garnered appreciation and popularity like no other Bhojpuri song. This song is now a staple that is played at mostly all parties and functions across North India.

2. Bagal Wali Jaan Maare li

Bagal Wali Jaan Maareli has been filmed on the god of Bhojpuri cinema, Ravi Kishan. With its cheesy lyrics and groovy beats, this song is the ultimate mood setter for an all boys party. Play this song at the next gathering of your guy gang, and see how they break the dance floor.

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3. Raja Raja Kareja Mein Samaja

The song owes its immense popularity to the memes that made it famous overnight. Sung by Radhe Shyam Rasiya, the song is filled with funny lyrics and background music. The video of the song is not that inspiring although and is filled with brazenness. Nonetheless, the song enjoys a cult following and forces you to break into a jig every now and then.

4. Laga Ke Fair Lovely

Out and out a track composed for the sole purpose of making people dance, Laga ke fair lovely has been successful in turning boring parties into a fun affair. The song features Khesari Lal Yadav and is from the movie ‘Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna’. What sets this song apart from other Bhojpuri tracks is that this song is an amalgamation of romantic emotions with jazzy beats. You won't stop dancing to this one.

5. Phulari Bina Chatani

Although the song was originally composed in the 1980s, it hogged the limelight when it was used in Salman Khan starred ‘Dabangg 2’. The song has been sung by Sundar Popo and background score is provided by Babla and Kanchan Music group. Babla and Kanchan have also tasted success worldwide with their music and the popularity of this song has added another feather to their cap.

Enjoy Mumbai New Year Parties

Mumbai is a wonderful city and the Mumbaikers simply love to rejoice and celebrate each and every festival and occasion that comes in their way. One such occasion that no Mumbaikar would like to be unprepared is the New Year party. This is one particular occasion that people of all ages tend to wait throughout the year and would like to celebrate with friends, colleagues and even those unknown.

List even events scheduled in Mumbai for the New Year 

There are numerous New Year parties in Mumbai that are held in the leading restaurants and pubs. Djs of international fame do come here to make the even much more grand, interesting and exciting. 


Event: BPOY 2016
Organized by: Essel World & Kingdom
Location: Essel World, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 8 pm
Fees: Rs. 1,125+

Description: You can now enjoy celebrating the New Year with the top Bollywood DJ and make the whole event memorable and exciting. This event is regarded to be the biggest open air dance party in the country. For the last two decades and more, Essel World has been organizing mega party events every 31st December night. This New Year bash is spread over 64 acres and the party is said to be held until the early morning hours.


Event: The 11th Hour @ Lalit Modi
Organized by: The Eleventh Hour
Location: Lalit Mumbai, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 9 pm
Fees: Rs. 5,400+

Description: Lalit Mumbai this year is being converted into a grand casino having three huge zones, three grand stages including state of art visuals. You can enjoy the majestic ballroom, Royal Dome, midnight pool party, casino games and casino table, Bollywood DJ lineup, live acoustic singer, special laser act, LED acts, etc.


Event: New Year Eve Celebration
Organized by: Vits Mumbai
Location: Vits Hotel, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 6 pm
Fees: Rs. 3,000 +

Description: By participating at this event, you can enjoy unlimited drinks, food, sizzling DJ music and kids zone. The room inclusions include two piece laundry free, 20% discount, hamper at departure, cake in room, access to enjoying the rooftop party and much more.


Event: Arabian Nights – Gala Dinner @ The Resort
Organized by: The Resort Mumbai
Location: The Resort Hotel, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 3 pm
Fees: Rs. 23,000 +

Description: This year you can celebrate at the Resort and welcome the New Year with plenty of live acts, magic and fun with your entire family. There are also exciting and interactive fun and games exclusively for children. The evening gala begins with unlimited drinks and food combined with Arabic/Bollywood dance performances. You can begin your New Year by having sumptuous beer brunch at the restaurant that overlooks the sea and the pool on 1st January, 2017.

You can indeed plan your new year event with your family and book in advance your choice of event. This way, you can make sure that you do not miss out the excitement due to the rush.

Why Magicians Make The Best Children’s Entertainers

If you have children you will be familiar with the yearly saga; what kind of party to throw for their birthday.  They will undoubtedly be influenced by the events they have attended recently and may want you to indulge them in the same kind of party.  Of course, every child is different and the party that suits your environment may not be the same as the one their best friend indulged in! 

To select the right kind of entertainment you need to consider what things your child enjoys doing and what will best fit this pattern and keep a number of other children amused.  In fact, the best option for most children’s parties is to hire a magician or magicians; the following reasons confirm why this is the best choice:   

Ease of Hiring
Despite being able to perform magic, magicians are very easy to locate!  For example, if you live in the Toronto area a quick search online will bring up  At a glance you will be able to see the range of services these magicians offer and the process; depending upon the type of event and the number of people you envision being there.  Good magicians websites like this one also include a range of helpful tips to get children involved in magic and doing their own tricks; something that most children will want to try after a good show!

Range of tricks
The range of tricks which magicians perform means that there is something to appeal to all members of the audience.  Not only will this help to keep the attention of all the children and give you a few moments peace; but it will also help to ensure all the children are enthralled by the show; this will be sure to translate into an enthusiastic review of the party which will help to keep your child happy.

A magician has to be flexible, when one approach is not working on a crowd they can quickly switch to another tactic and try again.  This adaptability means that they can appeal to a wide age range of children which can be a huge asset when organizing a party with children of various ages in attendance.  The best magicians will also generally be flexible about their surroundings, an impromptu stage can be created anywhere, or, they can simply walk around the crowd dazzling people with their magic as they go!

Feeling of Awe
Children in particular can easily be in awe of the magician.  Because they take many things at face value they will be amazed and impressed with the magic being performed in front of them.  This is not always the case when presented with a clown or a range of homemade games.  Magicians can create a spark in their imagination and get the best response from their inquisitive natures.  In fact, a magician can educate your child at the same time as entertaining them: something that is much harder for many other types of entertainer to do.

A final point which is worth noting is that it takes time to master even basic magic, anyone who is prepared to perform magic in public must be committed to the art and will, consequently, at the very least give a passionate performance.