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The Place With Beauty Plus Food

With over 50 brands, DLF cyber hub is one of the best places for lip-smacking dishes and food. It is catering to a diverse section of the population, and with entertainment and enjoyment, they always nail it. From some of the renowned restaurants to delicious dessert joints, you can find everything at Cyber Hub. Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Cyber Hub that you may find interesting and shall never miss it the next time you’re in Gurgaon. 

Indigo Deli

This place is quite exquisite. Apart from being Classy, fine and tasteful, it is also a hub of food and enjoyment. The flavors of the dishes come to reality with some unique prepared ingredients and assortments. Indigo Deli raises the standards of dining. The place is exotic as being so calm and the decor is pleasant. The best dishes to have here are Indigo Deli Reuben, Lemon Butter Calamari. This place is perfect for Dinner Date, Breakfast. It is located near USF/B/2C, Building 10B, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Olive Bistro

This beautiful place is one of the best restaurants in Cyber hub. You can find some cane furniture in the outdoor bar, it has windows that are quite inspired by the french windows. The decor is so blooming with the flowers and is eye-catching. The Mediterranean-themed ambiance is flawless. The menu mainly consists of European flavors with some comfort food and most of the ingredients are organic and fresh. The overall relaxed atmosphere is a great way to celebrate and enjoy while making some experiences truly a memorable one. You can have the dishes like Bird. Bacon. Bush. (Salad), Cheesy Pep Talk, Ravioli Concerto, Mamma Mia. It is perfect for date Night, Sunday brunch.It is located near Shop 101, 1st Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, and Gurgaon.

Dhaba Est.1986

While craving for foods that are too desi is common. The dhabas food is quite famous. So, you see the food is being prepared to slow simmering fire with various spices and herbs. This restaurant offers the desi flavor in some firangi style. They have placed a truck inside the restaurant that has a very quirky and fun appeal to it. You are going to miss your mind, and Punjab is going to be on everyone's mind. It has many traditional dishes plus some cocktails which will make up your day. The peppy songs with some Bollywood music are cherry on the cake. You can have Balti Meat, Virgin Paan Mojito. It is best for a family outing. It is located near the 1st floor, Cyber hub, DLF.

Panchavti Gaurav

With some Gujarati twist in Gurgaon. This place is quite exotic and is counted among one of the best restaurants in Cyber-hub. Gaurav is here to give you a mini Gujarati and Rajasthani culinary experience. The décor is acing and the environment is quite pleasant. The best dishes are always served first.  And you will love the feeling of western part of India. They also specialize in serving everything in the form of unlimited thalis. The thalis served are quite interesting and the favorite dishes are Thali, Dhokla, and Buttermilk. It is best for Family Outings. Do visit this place.

Mr. Mamagoto

It is one of the best and the most recently opened restaurant. The meaning of this word is to play with food and is quite exquisite. The decor is quite blooming and exotic, and they’ve truly taken the meaning of the word Mamagoto (to play with food) to a different level. The dishes are prepared in a very modern and familiar yet the flavor is youthful and enjoying. The vibrant ambiance and the calm environment both add up to make a great experience. The best dishes to have here is Dumplings, Ramen, Sushi, Crispy Lotus Stem.

Are you experiencing dandruff and itchy scalp? This piece of information is surely for you

Dandruff and itchy scalp are very common hair problems. In case of dandruff you will notice white flakes on your hair and shoulders. In the scenario of itchy scalp there would be constant itchiness that will make you feel very uncomfortable at times. Generally, it is seen that people who have itchy scalp, face the problem of dandruff as well and vice versa. Thus both these situations go hand in hand. If you are experiencing these conditions and are frustrated that how these should be dealt then there is nothing to worry about. You will get the best piece of advice here. So, stay tuned as you will come across the most relevant information in the coming paragraphs.

Why itchy scalp and dandruff are the different sides of the same coin?

People, who face the problem of dandruff, will experience the conditions like redness and swelling of the scalp. It will ultimately lead to an itchy scalp. Sometimes the other case is also possible where first of all you may experience a lot of itchiness on the scalp and later on dandruff is also visible. Thus these two things are interrelated. A lot of individuals face dandruff and persistent itchiness together. The best thing that can be done is to choose a shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp treatment. Such a choice will prove to be effective for both the conditions. Thus dandruff would be gone and so would the problem of itchiness.

The simplest way to deal with this situation

The simplest way to deal with this situation has been already discussed above and that is to use a shampoo that can eliminate dandruff as well as itchiness. You can search for various homemade remedies as well to deal with the situation but there is no substitute for a shampoo. A high-quality shampoo will clean the hair deeply and the pH balance of scalp would be restored. So, it is very important to maintain hair hygiene and keep it away from any sort of fungal infection. These all issues can be tackled only by using a proper shampoo.

If the problem is really worse, like you are experiencing extreme redness or swelling because of itchiness and dandruff, inability to sleep at night because of discomfort, excessive flaking etc. then you must consult a doctor. Sometimes the doctor may recommend medications as well for healing the condition in a faster manner. So, there is no harm in taking advice.

The best shampoo that you can use to combat this condition

Now you must be thinking that which product will prove to be the best. If this is the confusion in your mind then there is nothing to be tense about. You can easily fight dandruff and itchy scalp with ketomac shampoo. It is one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos that you can get in the entire marketplace. The product is easily available in the local market as well as on the online platform. The rates will never make a hole in your pocket and you will notice impressive results after a few hair-washes. So, procure this shampoo today itself and witness a wonderful transformation. 

5 Full-Proof Tips to Deal with Divorce

Divorce is the most painful tragedy in the life of a couple. No matters, if your relationship is no longer good, going through a separation or divorce is very hard for both men and women. It is the loss of your partnership, dreams and commitments you shared with each other. When divorce happens, you feel unable to control your emotions. You may feel fearful, confused and surround yourself with the worry of future. You may feel broken after break up or divorce and put yourself in the worst situations like depression.
Although divorce is a painful time, there are the plenty of things you can do to overcome the pain, get out of this difficult time and start a new life with a new hope. Once you overcome it, you would feel stronger and happier than before. Here are the 5 full-proof tips by the relationships experts of Dawghoused that may help you to deal with divorce.
1. Take Time to Grieve
There is no way to move on quickly after a divorce, even if your relationship was too bad. It takes time to deal with the emotional pain of being apart from the person once you deeply loved. Instead of being in negation about your pain, it is better to take time to grieve.
Let yourself cry for some time. It is the best therapy to make you feel lighter and better. If you don’t want to be social, just talk to your friends and once you engage with the world again, you will feel everything normal.
2. Don’t Regret and Accept the Reality
You may have many regrets about the end of your relationship. You may feel like hurt your loved one or not taking time to do the things that might save our relationship etc. If you think this all the time, you would start feeling that you were wrong and it will make you more upset. So, let go of your regret and move on.
When divorce happens you may not able to accept that your marriage is really over. But it is a reality and you need to accept it. Take time to self-improvement and appreciate the fact that your relationship is over. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to overcome.
3. Open Up with Family and Friends
It is not good to bear everything alone. Every person has many people in life apart from his/her spouse and they are your family members and friends. The pain decreases if you share it with your family and friends. You will feel better if you talk about your divorce to your family members, close friends or siblings.
Communicate with your friend and go out with them. Enjoy with them will help you to forget the past and make you happy again. If you try to keep all of your pain alone, you will keep yourself hurting forever.
4. Avoid Communicating with Your Ex
If you don’t have kids then you should avoid communicating with your ex. You will continuously get hurt if you stay in touch with your ex. You should stop calling, texting or even using social media to communicate with her/him. Maybe you both are regretting, still, it is better to avoid communication for a while.
I’m not asking about to cut off with him for the lifetime. Just close it for the time until you really feel like you’ve moved on. After that, you can start short conversations but never express how much you miss each other.
5. Stay Your Kids Away from It
Though you may still love your ex or hate him after the divorce, stay your kids away from it. If you dragging them into your fight, the things get worst. It will hurt your children and may affect their future also.
No matters how much problems do you have with your ex, keep all the tension away from your kids and let them enjoy their time with you or your ex. Avoid fighting in front of them and don’t say anything negative about your ex to them.

Malviya Nagar: More than a residential area!!

Malviya Nagar is the very famous locality in Delhi. This place is named after Madan Mohan Malviya, the founder of Benaras Hindu University. This place is also very famous for the food it serves. They have a very vast variety of food. If you want to have a good food then you must come to this place once. This area is so big that you might get confused about where to go first.  So, here is the Malviya Nagar Restaurant Café guide. Just have a look at it.

1.     Pema’s:
This is a sweet and simple place which serves you the tastiest Chinese food. The décor is not very ravishing or eye catchy. The seating is not very expensive. This Himalayan food joint is famous for serving Chinese food. If you head towards this place then you must have Thupka, Fried Momos and Datchi. This place is perfect for Hangouts and friends gatherings.

2.     Sagar Ratna:
Sagar Ratna is a very famous South Indian food joint. This restaurant has many outlets in the city. But every outlet has the same speciality. Their fluffy Idlis and crunchy Dosas. Famous for their Kannada food they use dried coconut and chilli to give a different flavour to their food. You must try the Uttapams and Upmas for a light snack and you should have thalis for a complete meal. Their Onion Rava Masala Dosa, Bisi Bele  HuliAmma, and DahiVadas are what you must have.

3.     Haldiram’s:
Haldiram’s is best known for their vegetarian menu. This is the most famous food joint. You can enjoy the best and flavour some chaats and tangy snacks. Their fluffy Dhoklas is what you really need to eat. The papri chaat of Haldiram’s is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavours. You can also have the Raj Kachori of this place. This place is perfect for quick bites, desi lunch and street food.

4.     T Pot Café:
This café has a minimal décor but it still looks amazing with all those colourful wall murals and dangling lamps. You can come here for a perfect ginger tea and quirky European snacks. This place serves you the tea in the khullhar. The smell of clay with the taste of tea gives you feel of nirvana. The aroma of the place is very calm and relaxed. You must have the Masala Ginger Tea, and Fruit and Nut Muffin is the must if you head towards this cool café. This place is best for hangouts and even bet when you want to have the great brews.

5.     Pudding Pie:
This is the most famous café in the Malviya Nagar. The smell of the tasty snacks attracts the customers towards the café. They serve the most mouth-watering food and you need to come here once. Their speciality is the Arabian Honey Cake is a light delight with topped almonds and honey seeping through the sponge. If you come to this place then you must have the red velvet cake and Lasagne Sandwich.

So, these are some of the places in Malviya Nagar which you must visit. You can also visit Nehru Place. This place also has the variety of eateries. Nehru Place restaurant bar café guide is all you need to check.

Find Out the Best Partner through the Matrimonial Sites

The wedding is the special moment for everyone life. The parents choose the best pair for their son or daughter. They have to register their names in the matrimonial sites. In the present scenario, there are lots of matrimonial sites available throughout the world. The people pick up the best matrimonial site and get the best services. They provide the best services to the parent to find out the right match for the son or daughter. You can check the best Punjabi boys for marriage through the best sites. You can get the relevant information about them on the sites.

You can avail of the different range of services when finding the best match. Choosing the best pair is the daunting process in these days. You can simply visit the site and explore the best pairs with the right qualification. It is the easiest way of choosing the best partner as you like. If you are looking for the best partner, you can immediately visit the matrimonial site and select the best pair of yours. You can get the best profile about the partner. You can get married very soon with them with the help of the matrimonial services.

Choose the best partner:

The matrimonial service gains the immense popularity among the people today. It is the best option to pick up the best partner at the right time. You can register the name early in the matrimonial sites once you attain the marriage age. You can get the Punjabi girl matrimonial for the marriage purpose. You can marry soon with them. It is important for the people to check the profile of the person that available in the sites. You can access the profiles easily and start the marriage place. You can provide the right details to the matrimonial sites. You can opt for the online matrimonial services for your convenience. You can quickly visit the site and upload the profiles. You can keep up the better membership that provided by the matrimonial sites. The online matrimonial sites are safe to use and you never face any issues with it.

Get the perfect details about the partner:

In the matrimonial sites, you can view the correct information about the person you prefer to marry. The online platform shows the best range of the profiles. You can pick up the best one that matches with your needs. You can prefer the best option that right for your future. The online matrimonial sites show the unlimited profiles to the people. With it, you can select the life partner. You can concern the things like age, height, religion, caste, education, location and other details about the partner. You can immediately contact them and arrange the marriage as soon as possible. You can get the best services at the affordable cost. You can save the money and time at the same time. You don’t need to visit the broker for finding the best partner. You can use this type of service and receive the best partner.

Avail More Benefits By Purchasing Online Gifts and Sweets

Each and every occasion is so incomplete without the sweets. Are you looking to buy delicious and yummy sweets? If so then the online is the best and right choice. It is because online offers a wide range of mouth-watering sweets at the low price to the customers. All the online sweets are prepared with the high and premium quality ingredients. So you can always receive quality sweets at any time. 

Hire the best online sweets shop

These days the online has become more popular among the people. In the comfort of the home, anyone can purchase the things. There are many online shops are available to choose from. So pick the best one which suits your needs and budget. Picking the right sweets shop has become more easy and simple nowadays. The person can take the aid of the internet then you can simply and easily find out the manufacturer who offers the sweets at the lowest price. As well as there are many factors to consider such as the customer review, price, quality and much more. So anyone can pick the best sweet shop which suits their needs. The Jaipur sweets online are available at the affordable price with high quality. 

Avail wide range of gift items online 

The online is not only famous for buying the sweets you can purchase gifts for your dear one. The gifts are so necessary for every occasion such as the birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. Online provides a huge range of gift items to the clients like the toys, pillow, frames, mug, unique gifts and much more. So you can take your individual time and select your much-loved gift to your dear one.  The online ordering process is so simple and easy. As well you can get the delivery option online to surprise your loved one. After ordering you can send the gift to your dear one doorstep to make astonishing if he or she is distant away or near. You can get online gifts delivery in Jaipur at the lowest price. 

Benefits of purchasing gifts online 

Below mentioned are the top benefits of purchasing gifts online 

24/7 hours availability 

The online gift shop is available for 24/7 hours so you can purchase the gift item at any time whether it is day or night 


When compare to the retail shop online offer gift items at the high and premium quality at the reasonable price

A wide range of gift items at one place 

You can numerous gift items in one place. You can spend your own time and choose then pick the best one as per your choice. 

Discreet package

The experts at online gift shop will pack the gift item with the discreet package so the product won’t damage or break while delivery.

Delivery option 

While choosing an online store to buy they provide a wide range of delivery option to the customers to make a surprise to their dear ones such as the normal delivery, same day delivery, specific timing delivery and midnight delivery. 

How to arrange a kitty party?

Kitty parties are very exciting for women. They look forward to spending some quality time with their girl pals and have fun. It is great to meet your friends and neighbours giving all the women a much-needed break from the routine life. Since women spend all their day in taking care of the family, Kitty party becomes a way for them to refresh and rejuvenate.

You can now send cakes to Bikaner with the help of online shops on the same day of booking across any location of the city.

If you are looking for some exciting tips to organize a kitty party, here are few tips for you:

-          Decide for a venue

The days when kitty parties were organized by ladies at their respective homes have gone. With the passage of time, the kitty parties have been improvised. These days it is very common to arrange a kitty party at cafes, Hotels or nearby resorts. You should decide the venue well in advance to secure a place for the much-awaited party. The venue must be decided in a way that can be easily accessed by all the members of the party.

-          Selecting a Theme

Theme based parties are in, and kitty parties are no exception to that. Women love to dress and hence the theme adds charm to the party. Some of the most popular themes for kitty party are Retro, Mughal, Hawaiian, ethnic or colour based theme such as black and white, pink or red. However, the theme must be decided in advance and communicated all the members to make it a grand success.

-          Food arrangements

If the kitty party has been organized at the hotel, you can pre-decide and book the menu. For a house party, you can arrange for snacks or a five-course meal depending on the time of the day when the party is organized. For a house party, a potluck is also a great idea wherein each member can bring a recipe from their home. While choosing the menu, the choice of the guests must be taken into account as there may be some members who may not love to go for some food items and hence a range of food items must be there.

-          Entertainment quotient

It is essential to have fun at any get together after all you can’t just keep gossiping all the time! You can play fun games like Antakshri, Dumb charades, cards or any innovative game of your choice. It is better to decide the games in advance as it can help one to arrange the party schedule accordingly.

-          Knowledge sharing

You can add an exciting touch to your kitty party by sharing a book or movie review wherein each member will share a review with others for knowledge sharing.

-          Arrange for a cake

Though it seems a very different idea, you can definitely make cakes a part of your get together. You can either bake a delicious cake on your own or get onlinecake delivery in Sri Ganganagar

Enjoy Mumbai New Year Parties

Mumbai is a wonderful city and the Mumbaikers simply love to rejoice and celebrate each and every festival and occasion that comes in their way. One such occasion that no Mumbaikar would like to be unprepared is the New Year party. This is one particular occasion that people of all ages tend to wait throughout the year and would like to celebrate with friends, colleagues and even those unknown.

List even events scheduled in Mumbai for the New Year 

There are numerous New Year parties in Mumbai that are held in the leading restaurants and pubs. Djs of international fame do come here to make the even much more grand, interesting and exciting. 


Event: BPOY 2016
Organized by: Essel World & Kingdom
Location: Essel World, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 8 pm
Fees: Rs. 1,125+

Description: You can now enjoy celebrating the New Year with the top Bollywood DJ and make the whole event memorable and exciting. This event is regarded to be the biggest open air dance party in the country. For the last two decades and more, Essel World has been organizing mega party events every 31st December night. This New Year bash is spread over 64 acres and the party is said to be held until the early morning hours.


Event: The 11th Hour @ Lalit Modi
Organized by: The Eleventh Hour
Location: Lalit Mumbai, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 9 pm
Fees: Rs. 5,400+

Description: Lalit Mumbai this year is being converted into a grand casino having three huge zones, three grand stages including state of art visuals. You can enjoy the majestic ballroom, Royal Dome, midnight pool party, casino games and casino table, Bollywood DJ lineup, live acoustic singer, special laser act, LED acts, etc.


Event: New Year Eve Celebration
Organized by: Vits Mumbai
Location: Vits Hotel, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 6 pm
Fees: Rs. 3,000 +

Description: By participating at this event, you can enjoy unlimited drinks, food, sizzling DJ music and kids zone. The room inclusions include two piece laundry free, 20% discount, hamper at departure, cake in room, access to enjoying the rooftop party and much more.


Event: Arabian Nights – Gala Dinner @ The Resort
Organized by: The Resort Mumbai
Location: The Resort Hotel, Mumbai
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 3 pm
Fees: Rs. 23,000 +

Description: This year you can celebrate at the Resort and welcome the New Year with plenty of live acts, magic and fun with your entire family. There are also exciting and interactive fun and games exclusively for children. The evening gala begins with unlimited drinks and food combined with Arabic/Bollywood dance performances. You can begin your New Year by having sumptuous beer brunch at the restaurant that overlooks the sea and the pool on 1st January, 2017.

You can indeed plan your new year event with your family and book in advance your choice of event. This way, you can make sure that you do not miss out the excitement due to the rush.

Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner– Doing away with hair loss

Hair loss is noticed to be a common problem that is faced by both men and women these days. Increasing pollution, wrong lifestyle and food habits and using of different items having chemical elements in them is likely to cause the person to lose his hair quickly and to become bald. With people becoming beauty conscious nowadays, there is a need on their part to make use of organic products like the
sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that do actually work wonders within a short span of time, helping to grow lush hair and to do away with the harmful aspects that are otherwise found in the chemical based shampoos.

Using the best sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for black hair

There are many who are of the opinion that SLS shampoos are expensive when compared to the regular shampoos. But the truth is that one can easily come across several reputed brands that deal in affordable this shampoo for black hair.
Many companies tend to produce different types of organic oils to treat variety of issues that are faced by both men and women alike of all ages. The properly selected shampoos can help to treat different types of hair related disorders like fry scalp, dry hair, baldness in men or women and hair loss. It would be beneficial to buy organic hair care products from those brands that are well established in the market and has earned a name for in the industry. These companies make use of herbal and natural organic extracts. Also they should have specialization in providing hair loss treatments for every age.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner brands reviews

A good shampoo is said to be one that is free from artificial odors, colors, chemicals and also free from all types of petrochemical substance, side effects and the like.There can be found a whole variety of SLS free shampoos that can be selected from for making the purchase.

sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for keratin treated hair shampoo does not come with any side effects.

A good and interesting aspect about the SLS free products is that they are 100% safe and do not come with any kind of side effects. Women, who desire to have luscious, beautify, strong and shiny hair which lasts forever, should stop using the chemical based shampoos and conditioners and use only organic based ones. Such sulfate free shampoo are known to take care of dry hair revitalization, conditioning, hydration and elasticity.
Going through the different blogs and sites on the subject can help the person to make the most of the product and to mesmerize the onlookers. Those experiencing falling hair can also benefit from it immensely. The blogs very clearly provide the necessary details of the usefulness of such shampoos. The results can be viewed very clearly and help to reproduce lost hair effectively and efficiently.
People purchasing this product can now expect to treat hair loss effortlessly and from the convenience and comfort of their home and also not have to spend a fortune on the same. This way, it is possible for everyone to get beautiful, shiny hair.
Conclusion: It is now possible to get shiny, beautiful and strong hair by using SLS free shampoos and conditioners that are inexpensive and found easily.

Italian Fashion - Its Intriguing Roots

Home to popular Italy designers, such as Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, and Guccio Prada to name a few, it will not be wrong to call Italy the center of modern day fashion. Much like the nation itself, this way market has also been through a long journey, filled with many difficulties, before it achieved it handled to reach its present position. The traditional background of this way can be split into different stages, based on the socio-cultural environment from the right at that moment. It will also help us study the relationship between life fashion and the changes experienced in the way people dressed up.

The Impact of Rebirth on Italy Fashion:
Renaissance is believed, to be the time interval when the Italy community experienced a trend of modernism, in terms of both art as well as its appearance. The visual wealth became significant in making an idea for magnificent items, like Designer High heels, Designer handbags, Italian clothes online, Italian clothing especially among the top level class of the community who could afford spending freely on expensive clothing.

In reality, fashion in those days became an image of position of sorts, with the cost range and quality becoming the deciding factor as to the useful their owners. Dressed in clothes carrying outdated fashions was believed to be a sign of low prosperity and hardship. The popular materials of time involved decorative velvety, soft silk and brocade, which were, thought to indicate regalia.

Shoes fans probably take more time choosing the right footwear as compared to selecting their clothes. In addition, with the celebration still not over, wearing stylish footwear at parties is of tremendous importance for both genders. Let us begin with men and see the type of footwear they could wear this joyful season:

Dress Shoes for Suit-Wearers
For people who wish to put on tuxedos for a celebration, heels footwear is necessary. Decide the shoe shade as per the colour of your fit. For instance, dark footwear goes well with greyish, dark or fast tuxedos, whereas brownish ones look good with tan suits. Oxford footwear is popular type of heels footwear preferred by men.

Dolce & Gabbana; has an exclusive collection of Designer High heels on sale made from the finest leather. Opt for Oxford footwear in dark or brownish produced by this brand. You can also go for dark set loafers designed which are casual versions of heels footwear.

Designer handbags on sale
The most convenient way to get Designer handbags on sale and purses at outstanding costs is to know that products from last year will likely be a lot less expensive to buy that the present year's stand up. This can be both a great factor and bad for the person that is aiming to spend money on a designer bag.

On one hand, there is something more pleasing about purchasing a New Year bag, but the truth is that these can cost up to 80% more than developer approval purses and purses, and therefore are not the best selection for everyone's price range. There is one tip, however, that can mean that you get this year's must-have product for last year's costs.
Men consider claims of favor just as much as women do. Men do not discuss about purchasing cheap Italian clothes online much but are involved with the way they look. Many of them do not take the problem seriously, but they all put on outfits to be stylish or for some other reason. Whether outside or in the house, or for any operate, men choose clothing that give them the best convenience and independence to carry out at work.

One thing that men think about when purchasing their clothes from Italian clothing stores online is product, they are also very fascinated in style and top quality. Men's clothing design has modified over the years, along with the increasing style market, styles and styles for men clothing is never stand still to suit each man's preferences. Following are top developers for men.