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Getting Along in The New Household After Marriage

It is said that marriage is not an achievement but getting along after it with everyone is the real achievement. And it is literally true and applicable in the present scenario. They say that the second name of marriage is compatibility and adjustment. If you're happy and get along with everyone with relative ease,then that’s literally an achievement for you and him in the new household after marriage.

Here are some suggestions for you if you are a newlywed Punjabi Khatri bride and want to be the star in your new household. Just sit back and read along!

Don’t judge the book by its cover: Entering the new house and life phase with many thoughts and pre-judgments? Don’t tune into the observation mode. Keep yourself real, don’t hesitate much and think twice before doing anything. Eventually, you will get along with everyone and everything, but don’t ruin your first impression in haste.

Remember that you have a partner by your side, always: Your partner is a human and just the perfect male you have ever wanted as your life partner. Always remember that you need to adjust your way to get through it and we respect everyone requirements. Thinking of a molding anyone to work in your way is a very wrong premonition. Don’t force attempt and try to make everyone like you. Compatibility is a growing tree;it never grows at once. When you see or observe examples around you always remember that people work their way out of certain situations and conditions and then they have reached that level or phase of life.

You haven’t married a man, but the whole clan: Even if you are not residing in the new house world with the joint family it doesn't mean that your life partner is completely yours only. Your partner descends from a family whom they are responsible and accountable to and you can't enjoy with them alone. Many people enter the new household with this notion and get upset with unnecessary thoughts. Always remember that they are the part of the clan, and it is you,who has joined them. Observe, explore and get along with other family members, get to know about their likes and dislikes and work your amiable way out to deal with situations that are unfavorable and always keep your opinions to yourself until asked for. Try to develop other relations as same as with your life partner because they are of high importance too.

Never talk unnecessarily about your in-laws to your husband: As the new addition, you have the right to judge others but the others also have the right to judge you because you are the seed of next generation in the house. You can’t get along with makingrifts and complaining about small and petty issues with your life partner.This will only result in unnecessary quarrel and fights between the families which nobody wants to have in a new household. Always remember that if you want to gain respect in eyes of the other first learn to respect them.

It is solely your effort, which shows you are good to go with families. So, always show positive efforts. 

Why to Consider Country Clubs as the Best Venue for Your Dream Wedding?

You would have never thought that you would be able to organize your dream wedding- but country clubs in Fort Lauderdale have made the planning of your dream wedding a dream-come-true scenario. The majestic ballrooms with beautiful settings and the expertise planning of the designers who’re dedicated to make your wedding the most grandeur affair of the town, there is no denying the fact that your wedding will be turned into an event that’ll be forever etched into the memories of your guests.

The grand ballrooms and large dance floors create the perfect ambience to hold your wedding receptions. The personalized and undivided attention of the expert banquet staff ensures the success of your wedding reception.

The local distance of country clubs in Fort Lauderdale makes them the perfect specimen to arrange your wedding. Indubitably, it is the perfect backdrop for your special day event and makes sure that your guests remain fresh and ready to enjoy the day without being stuck in the traffic for long hours.

The experienced team of professional and renowned designers works as a strong team along with the local suppliers to provide the most exquisite finishing touches on your wedding day. You don’t have to worry about anything at all - from florists to the caterers - everything is covered by the team of experts.

Unarguably, cuisine has always been proved as the key element to make a wedding successful. The sumptuous and luscious food items that include local dishes as well as international cuisines will ensure that your guests will have their appetites deliriously satisfied on your special day and will praise you forever for the delirious food they’ve got to enjoy.

There couldn’t be more perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs, other than the scenic beauties of the surrounding golf courses. Create an era of endless memories with the abundance of options for clicking photographs and selfies!

Sky is the limit with the multitude of services available in these country clubs of Fort Lauderdale. Whether you want the DJ music to urge your guests to enjoy the party all night or you want live musicians to play the soothing music so that you can feel the love while enjoying your fist dance with your life partner, you can always as put your preferences before the authorities and they’ll make sure to make you feel papered from the time you arrive till the time you leave.

Tips to Keep Your Marriage Life Spiced Up

Marriage has never been an easy alliance whether it is a love or an arranged marriage. Yes, getting married is a wonderful idea and everything seems to be perfect when it happens. But it is when the honeymoon period is over, people start getting settled in their usual lives. 

That is when, the actual married life kick starts. From then only a couple starts to adjust to their new marriage and their new partner with whom they are going to spend their entire life. Yes, it is a challenge to keep your marriage spark onafter some years of marriage when everything starts to seem as usual. 

Now, there are actually many ways out by which one can keep the spark alive even after many years of marriage. Know the secret to spice up your marriage.

From the very first day post marriage, communication is the primary thing that should be focused upon. If two people who are going to spend their life together do not communicate openly; then it can be difficult for them as years pass by. Talking your heart out is the best way to reach other people’s heart. One can talk about anything like food, music, travel, books and anything under the sun. But one thing is mandatory; the conversation should not stop. If you do not let your partner know what you are thinking and what your expectations are, then things can grow difficult between you two.

Marriage is the other name for compromise and adjustment. This is equally applicable for both the partners. Living together and sharing everything for 24 hours, seven days is not an easy thing. Each and every decision you take has to be discussed with your partner. In some, you will be agreed and in many, you will not be agreed upon. Here comes the tricky part of adjustment. You have to give away some things and acquire somethings, which your partner loves to do. Listen to your spouse and have an open discussion about things with them. Then compromise will be easy for both of you.

It is a very normal thing that, you and your partner have different interests. You acquire happiness from other things which do not match with your partner’s preference. There is no point in tagging along with your partner and getting bored. Just do not let suck it up and let your partner enjoy what they really enjoy doing. In the mean time, you can enjoy doing what gives you happiness.

No matter how many years have passed by, do not stop spending quality time with each other. No matter how much you get involved in familial chores and other professional problems; do not stop having quality time with each other. Go for shopping together, watch a movie and have dinners outside. It is the best thing to take a break often and go for vacations.

For arrange marriages within own communities, one can take help of marriage bureaus. Punjabirishtey Delhi can help to find Punjabi grooms and brides.

Goa: A Perfect Destination Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a perfect wedding planner then we suggest you to please have a look at the portfolio of Marry Me wedding planners before deciding any planners.

A perfect and memorable wedding always need a proper planning for every moment. A perfect planning in the wedding avoids the mess on the wedding day. Everyone wants his or her wedding day as a memorable day of life. Wedding day is the day when childhood dreams of girls get complete. So it should be planned in a decent way so that bride and broom not only enjoy the day but also live their day. 

Some brides are so curious about their wedding day that they want to plan everything by their own for their wedding. But there is already a long to do list for bride which is apart from planning. Fortunately, an option is available which helps to make wedding day more beautiful which is to hire a wedding planner expert. Wedding planner has no other duty than planning a wedding for you. He gives you more innovative ideas for your day. The wedding planner handles all those last minute planning needs that the bride shouldn’t worried about.

Deciding a venue for your wedding is a very crucial task. The place should be unique for unique wedding. It is something that will not only remember by you but it shall be remembered by everyone. At some point of planning every new engaged couple plans to have a perfect destination wedding. Mostly couples desire to marry at the beach site and for this there is no other better option than Goa. Wedding in Goa is an amazing idea and due to its beauty at sea sites and beaches make it a must-visit place.

When you plan your wedding in Goa then there are many things that come into your mind like stories about sunny beaches, local music bands, great sea food around the corner and many more. If you are planning your wedding in Goa then take the help of Marry Me wedding planners. They assist you best plans in your budget for making your day special.

Sometimes couples get confused in North Goa and South Goa. So, always prefer to have a place which is not crowded because you already have a group of more than 100 people for your wedding. North Goa is quite busy place as you will always find rush on the North Goa beaches. So prefer to have your wedding at South Goa. It is village area with maximum number of luxury hotels.

By hiring a wedding planner in Goa you don’t need to worry about decoration, arrangements for guests, catering, photography and many more little things. It is a beautiful place for an auspicious occasion like Wedding. Planner will plan your all the ceremonies like mehndi, sangeet, haldi and so on. You’ve two to three days of fun with family and friends and they should be perfect.

 A professional wedding planner can make your dream come true and help you to get a memorable day, without spending endless hours taking care of very little things for your wedding. This will help you to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding day.

How Can Delhi Girls Go Shopping For Their Wedding?

To live in Delhi is one of the best things if you are someone who loves fashion dearly. Delhi is absolutely amazing for every fashion lover. It has got all kinds of markets, malls, outlets and boutiques. This city has got just the right amount of local fashion and at the same time, the right amount of international brands we all love and trust. What Delhi is even more popular for, is perhaps the market that this city has for anyone looking for ethnic outfits. 

This city has got everything, from traditional markets which you will love to visit, to the new and uber designer boutiques all the fashion lovers can’t stop gushing about. When it comes to budgets too, Delhi is probably one of the best places you will find yourself in. It has got all kinds of markets. From budget places in the city to high end designer markets you will find everything in Delhi. The best part about this city is that it can give you a lot of avenues to buy what you like without too much effort. There are even different markets all around the city which have all got their own audience. So whatever your need, all you need to do before you go shopping is what kind of clothes you want and what is your budget. Maybe some idea about designs and trends will also help your purpose.

Now if you are a Delhi girl who is looking to do some wedding specific shopping, you couldn’t be living in a better city. Delhi is known all around to be the best place for wedding shopping all around. No matter what your need is, rest assured you will find it in some little corner of the city. A very interesting thing about Delhi is that all the markets cater to different sets of people, different tastes and different budgets as well. 

If you have decided a couple of things, it makes the shopping quite easy. First of all think about the kind of outfit you want, you can simply go for a big designer label. Another great option for fashion lovers is to go for the up and coming designers. If you want to save few bucks, budget shopping is for you, not designer labels. You need to know how much you want to spend, and then decide the market accordingly. All the Delhi girls wondering how to go shopping for their wedding read up on these markets briefly:

- Shahpur Jat for designer and customised wedding trousseau 
- Chandni Chowk for budget shopping, Bollywood replicas and some of the biggest retailers in the business
- Defence Colony Market for designer boutiques 
- HauzKhas Market for some of the most unique and classy, and even high end designers
- Lajpat Nagar for some really good retailers and great stores  for ethnic wear
- Karol Bagh for some good retailers and boutiques
- Punjabi Bagh for some good local retailers and designers